Diversity Board

Diversity & Inclusive Programs gains student representation through WSUSA’s Executive Body. Each year the student body elects a Vice President of Diversity who then selects members of the Diversity Board through a competition application process.

Diversity Vice President

Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold

Being the Diversity V.P. gives me an opportunity to work on campus to promote awareness and understanding. Expanding our perspective of things can open us up to numerous opportunities we previously wouldn't have seen. The events we create not only promote awareness and understanding but are also a way for people to start getting involved on campus. I enjoy the task of working with others to create something that would benefit everyone on campus.


Assistant Director

The Assistant Director to the Vice President for Diversity on the Diversity Board helps to coordinate all events, workshops, activities and serves as the information clearinghouse for the CDU's Diversity Board. This position collects all marketing materials, places and confirms bulletins, email blasts, and Facebook page updates in addition to providing updates and assignments to Board members.

Timmy Phomsouvanh
Timmy Phomsouvanh

My name is Timmy and my major is Human Performance Management with a minor in Nutrition. I‘m glad to be a part of the Diversity and Unity Board this academic year. I am excited to learn and share more about the center to others. I think it’s important to spread awareness of diversity to help break the barriers of communication and/or gain respect for others.


Common Grounds Chair

The Taboo Talks Chair coordinates educational and informative programs that educate all students and staff at WSU about ways that we can come together across difference.

Cody Brown
Cody Brown

I am very excited to have this position on the diversity bored, the common grounds is a great position where I can talk about and explore new ideas about subjects I would not usually have the opportunity to discuss. I am looking forward to learning and teaching with my fellow peers on such topics. I have many ideas of how to make these events a great learning and interactive experience for everyone involved.


Community Chair

The Community Chair coordinates events that bring the campus and community together through education and sharing. Previous activities have included a Community Resources Fair and a Religious Resource Fair.

Lyssa Frohling
Lyssa Frohling

I am thankful for the opportunity to become the new community chair at Weber. I find that people are quite extraordinary and I enjoy listening to their individual stories and passions. As the community chair I will get to know these many different people and help others at Weber get to know them as well. That is what makes me happy. The understanding that can come from just listening to others and sharing ideas is a great power. I transferred here one year ago from out of state and have really come to enjoy my time here. I will graduate next spring with a degree in Anthropology and will pursue a career in archaeology after that.



Sessions on the Ledge Chair

The Sessions on the Ledge Chair coordinates weekly one hour performance sessions in the Union atrium that showcase music, dance, the spoken word and other routines that space racial ethnicity, culture, class, gender and more. Previous events have included Scottish Bag Pipers, Taiko Drummers, Irish Folk Dancers and poetry slams.

Taylor Winnie

I’m excited to work with diversity as the Sessions on The Ledge Chair because I love learning about all the different things people can do. I believe that Ogden has a lot to offer and I would love to be able to showcase all the different things the people at Weber State can do. In my down time I enjoy 60s music, radio broadcasting, and baseball. I Love Weber State.


Stop the Hate Chair

The Stop the Hate Chair develops an annual campaign that promotes peace on campus and in the community through speakers, workshops and activities. At the heart of these activities is the question, "Is what we are doing helping each other or hurting each other?"

Danielle Johnson
Danielle “Ali” Johnson

I am a Psychology major and I love being involved with student life on campus. I am excited to be on the diversity board and to have an opportunity to expose students to different people and lifestyles. I believe that understanding and acceptance is achieved through meaningful interactions with people who are different and I am excited to help facilitate a place for these interactions to take place.


MLK Day of Service Chair

The MLK Day of Service Chair actually does more than one day's work! This position hosts monthly drives for community issues that match the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mission and goals. Additionally, this position hosts the spring Munch and March with the Northern Utah Chapter of the NAACP at the Marshall White Center in downtown Ogden every January on Martin Luther King Day.

Kelsey Northrop

The 2014-15 school year will mark my second year as a Wildcat! I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Dance Education and hope to someday better the community by teaching all to appreciate and learn more about the arts. As a Diversity Board member, more specifically the MLK Day of Service Chair, I hope to further MLK's vision of equal opportunity through hosting a plethora of events that will motivate, inspire, and teach students how they can become more involved in the community and make a difference. I believe that everyone has their own desire to contribute in someway to the world, like Dr. King, and therefore believe in helping students to discover that desire and turn it into a reality.


LGBT Advocate

The LGBT Advocate acts as a representative and advocate of the issues and concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender student body and advocates against homophobia and other forms of oppression, as well as other issues and concerns of LGBT students on campus and all members of the queer community. This student leader develops programs, resources and activities under the supervision of the LGBT Graduate Assistant and Coordinator of the Center for Diversity & Unity.

Karlee Berezay



Center for Diversity and Unity Intern

Alexis Marquez

What's up Wildcats? My name is Alexis Marquez and I am this years Social Media & PR Intern for the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity. I hope you are as excited as I am about the 2014-2015 school year. I look forward to exploring the topic of diversity and getting to know what makes you a proud wildcat!