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Diversity Board

The Center for Diversity & Unity gains student representation through WSUSA’s Executive Body. Each year the student body elects a Vice President of Diversity who then selects members of the Diversity Board through a competition application process.

Diversity Vice President

Joshua Hunt

Aulola Moli

My name is Aulola Moli but everyone knows me as Lola. My family is from the island of Tonga and I love to travel all over the world. I play the piano and sing, hang with friends and family, and I love being in student leadership! I love to learn and I adore Weber State!! I love leadership and I love that I have the opportunity to be involved with the Diversity Center. This will be my third year and I learn more every day. I love Weber State and the faculty. Being a student here is easy because of the environment and the people who go here, teach here and work here. I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a Communications minor. I love to learn inside and outside of the classroom. Weber State truly is GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director to the Vice President for Diversity on the Diversity Board helps to coordinate all events, workshops, activities and serves as the information clearinghouse for the CDU's Diversity Board. This position collects all marketing materials, places and confirms bulletins, email blasts, and Facebook page updates in addition to providing updates and assignments to Board members.

Lola Moli
Sarah Arnold

Sarah is a Radiology major.

I'm interested in the Diversity and Unity Board because it promotes morals I appreciate. I believe that everyone should be accepting and understanding of those around them. I hope to help others learn how to view others in a new light, for people to make the effort to reach out to others.


Celebrations & Traditions Chair

The Celebrations & Traditions Chair hosts a monthly celebration and/or recognizes a tradition through events and activities throughout the year. Examples include: Mardi Gras Celebration, Day of the Dead, St. Patrick's Day and more.

Felix B.

My Name is Felix B. I co-host a show over on 88.1WeberFM, I’m a Communications Major, and I love the music more than the average bear. The role I play in leadership here on campus can be highlighted by the work we do on the Diversity Board. “Be confident in the decisions you make, smooth in your execution, sincere in the words you speak, and mindful in the thoughts you think.


College Programs Chair

The College Programs Chair partners with one of the seven academic colleges at Weber State University each month to highlight diversity programming through emphasis activities and events. Examples from the past include Women's History Month Activities with the College of Social and Behavioral Science and Presentations for Weber Reads with the College of Arts and Humanities.

Richard Campos
Richard Campos

My name is Richard Campos. I’m a first generation American and the first one in my family to attend college. I came from out of state and fell in love with Weber which is why I am here today. I enjoy photography and naps. I like learning about diversity in the world and sharing my tips to help others succeed. I’ve always been involved in school since I was young and love being a leader. I am majoring in Forensic Science and minoring in Psychology.


Taboo Talks/Common Grounds Chair

The Taboo Talks Chair coordinates educational and informative programs that educate all students and staff at WSU about ways that we can come together across difference.

Amy Pittman

Amy is an English/Linguistics major in the College of Arts and Humanities.

I've sat on the CDU board before and it was such a fun and rewarding experience. The best part about the CDU board is meeting so many people from all sorts of backgrounds and lifestyles both on the team and off. I've learned so much from my team and the events we've had and I look forward to learning more! As the Common Grounds Chair I have the pleasure of overseeing and planning the monthly Taboo Talks. I am very excited for this year's lineup and can't wait to see the type of wonderful, intelligent, and fun debates we'll be having!


Community Chair

The Community Chair coordinates events that bring the campus and community together through education and sharing. Previous activities have included a Community Resources Fair and a Religious Resource Fair.

Chanuk Jeong

Chanuk Jeong is an International Economics major serving as the Community Chair.

“I have an interest in diversity and unity because I want to people know that even foreigners love WSU and that they can make a difference in our community. I want to let the Ogden community know WSU cares for people and is always concerned about our community.”


Sessions on the Ledge Chair

The Sessions on the Ledge Chair coordinates weekly one hour performance sessions in the Union atrium that showcase music, dance, the spoken word and other routines that space racial ethnicity, culture, class, gender and more. Previous events have included Scottish Bag Pipers, Taiko Drummers, Irish Folk Dancers and poetry slams.

Valeria Torena
Valeria Torena

Valeria is a Communications major

“My name is Valeria Torena I am so happy to be able to serve with the Diversity team this year. College for me is all about working hard and doing things that you love even though not everything will be easy. I hope that I will be able to answer any questions you have about diversity and Weber State.”


Stop the Hate Chair

The Stop the Hate Chair develops an annual campaign that promotes peace on campus and in the community through speakers, workshops and activities. At the heart of these activities is the question, "Is what we are doing helping each other or hurting each other?"

Tanasia Valdez
Tanasia Valdez

My name is Tanasia Valdez. I am the Stop the Hate Chairperson. I love my position because it gives me a great opportunity to reach out to students about important topics. My chair position is a huge part of my life and has introduced me to life changing experiences and people. When I am not working as chairperson, I love playing with my dogs and cooking!


MLK Day of Service Chair

The MLK Day of Service Chair actually does more than one day's work! This position hosts monthly drives for community issues that match the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mission and goals. Additionally, this position hosts the spring Munch and March with the Northern Utah Chapter of the NAACP at the Marshall White Center in downtown Ogden every January on Martin Luther King Day.

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith

Major: Design Engineering Technology

I'm Ryan Smith, I'm a complete goof all the time it would seem! And nearing becoming a complete gym nut! I believe that becoming involved in the campuses affairs and events truly make a difference in the college experience and don't regret a moment of it for it is an eye opener.


LGBT Advocate

The LGBT Advocate acts as a representative and advocate of the issues and concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender student body and advocates against homophobia and other forms of oppression, as well as other issues and concerns of LGBT students on campus and all members of the queer community. This student leader develops programs, resources and activities under the supervision of the LGBT Graduate Assistant and Coordinator of the Center for Diversity & Unity.

Karlee Berezay

My name is Karlee Berezay and I'm the LGBT Advocate for this school year. I am a senior at Weber State and will be hopefully graduating with a BS in Sociology. I'm a really energetic person and get very excited about teaching, talking, discussing, and learning about LGBT topics. Gender especially is a subject I love to study about. I love being a resource for people to learn from, and if I don't know the answer you can bet I'll find it for you. I really love working in the Center for Diversity, because it is such an uplifting and accepting place. When I am not in class or planning LGBT events, I'm hanging out with my two kitties, taking sassy pictures on Instagram, or blogging.

Coordinator of CDU and LGBT Resources

-- Adrienne Andrews --

Adrienne Andrews



Diversity Program Coordinator

-- Teresa Holt --

Teresa Holt



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