Pathway to College Mathematics

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Pathway to Contemporary Math — 810

  • One semester
  • 4 credit hours
  • Pre-requisite is Math 950
  • Focuses on skills needed to succeed in Math 1030

Following the lead of developmental math reform across the country, Weber State University is offering a new developmental math option for students who plan to take Math 1030 to meet their quantitative literacy requirement. Math 810 Pathway to Contemporary Mathematics is a one semester, 4 credit course that serves as a prerequisite to Math 1030. The prerequisite for this course is Math 950, Pre-Algebra. While the Pathway course replaces the need to take Math 990 and Math 1010, Pathway is not a combination of the two algebra courses. Pathway focuses on the skills and content necessary to succeed in Math 1030. It incorporates numeracy, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, functions, geometry, and statistics along with critical thinking, reading, writing, and problem solving. Students will find this course challenging in that many students have never been asked to read, write and critically problem solve using numbers and mathematics. However, students will also find the content and skills taught in the course to be relevant to their education.

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