With the Pathway course, students now have 2 options to choose from when preparing for college level mathematics: 

Is the Pathway course a combined Math 990 and Math 1010 course?

No. This is a completely different course than Math 990 or Math 1010. You will learn some of the algebra that you would learn in those courses, but not all of it. This course will teach you how math is used in the real world and give you more opportunity to solve real life problems using algebra. In the Pathway course, Algebra is a tool, but not the focus of the course.

Who should be taking the Pathway course instead of taking Math 0990 and Math 1010?

Only students who plan to take Math 1030 for their college level math class should take the Pathway course. Students who plan to take Math 1040, Math 1050, or Math 1080 must take Math 1010.

How do I know if I should take Math 1030, Math 1040 or Math 1050 for my college level math class (also called QL)?

Talk to your major advisor or read your degree requirements in the Weber State Catalog. Typically students in the arts, humanities and social sciences should take Math 1030 to fulfill their QL requirement. Pathway courses are not transferrable to other Universities.

Why is Weber State offering this course?

Many people think algebra is useless in the world when, in fact, it is very useful. Unfortunately, algebra is not often taught in a way that anyone would know how to use it in their everyday life. This course is an innovative approach to teaching mathematics, including algebra, so students can retain what they learn and apply it again in other aspects of their educations and lives. 

Is this class easier than Math 990 and Math 1010?

You might actually work harder in this class than you would in a regular algebra class but you might find the work more enjoyable, depending on your past experiences with math. If you find it difficult to memorize math procedure and more interesting to explore and make connections about things, you might like this class much better than a traditional algebra class. Students tend to be more successful in learning math when they can see value and relevance in what they are learning.