TERM Math Classes

TERM stands for Technology Enhanced Redesign of Mathematics, and the name implies learning is technology based.

What you can expect from your TERM course.

To pass the course, students must demonstrate mastery of the 10 modules by passing the module quizzes, comprehensive tests, and final exam. 


Students can work as fast as they able, to complete the course. Some students complete more than one course in a semester. There is a minimum pace that has set deadlines for students to meet, however.

Computer-based Learning

Mathematical content instruction and homework is delivered via the web-based software MyMathLab, which includes an e-text (no need to purchase a textbook), video instruction, homework exercises, and tests.

Interactive Group Instruction

Each class meets one day a week in a classroom with an instructor. The first part of the class time is devoted to interactive group instruction designed to help students find success in learning mathematics. The remaining class time is for individual work and consultations with the instructor. Students also benefit from forming study teams and working collaboratively.

Tutoring Support

Instead of meeting for additional class periods each week, students work in the Hub – a computer lab specifically serving TERM students. Tutors and instructors provide personalized assistance as students study and learn math.  Students may need to use tutoring assistance beyond the required, 100 minutes, Hub time to complete one module each week. Students learn better by discussing mathematics with a classmate, tutor and/or instructor.

Computerized Testing

Students are provided with three attempts to pass (at 70%) each module quiz and comprehensive test. Quizzes and tests are taken in the Hub Testing Centers. A Wildcard ID is needed to use the Hub Testing Center. 

Fast Track

Students have the option of testing out of a module instead of doing the homework and quiz for the module. This is a great benefit for students who place in developmental math courses, but already know some of the concepts.
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Free Math Credit

The individualized structure of TERM allows students to work ahead of schedule. A student can complete two (or three) courses in one semester and are not required to pay tuition for the second (or third) courses completed within one semester.

Summer 2016 Courses

***an R in the "Days" column means Thursday.

CRN Crse Title Campus Days Start End Instructor Room
10539 950 Pre-algebra (TERM) WSU W 11:30 AM 12:20 PM Symonds LP113
10540 950 Pre-algebra (TERM) WSU T 5:30 PM 6:20 PM Pincock LP113
11248 950 Pre-algebra (TERM) DAVIS W 6:30 PM 7:20 PM Smith D02235
10538 990 1st Course in Alg (TERM) WSU W 8:30 AM 9:20 AM Marriott LP113
10542 990 1st Course in Alg (TERM) WSU W 7:30 PM 8:20 PM Hallin LP113
11251 990 1st Course in Alg (TERM) DAVIS W 10:30 AM 11:20 AM Baker D02235
10537 1010 Intermediate Algebra (TERM) WSU W 9:30 AM 10:20 AM Marriott LP113
10541 1010 Intermediate Algebra (TERM) WSU T 7:30 PM 8:20 PM Pincock LP113
11255 1010 Intermediate Algebra (TERM) DAVIS W 9:30 AM 10:20 AM Baker D02235
11256 1010 Intermediate Algebra (TERM) DAVIS W 5:30 PM 6:20 PM Smith D02235

Fall 2016 Courses

***an R in the "Days" column means Thursday.



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