The Math Class that's Right for You

We all learn in different ways and have different preferences. Read through this page carefully to find the math class that best fits your learning preferences and your academic program.

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Pathway to
Contemporary Math*:

More info:

*This course is only for students who plan to take Math 1030, this course will not be a pre-req for any other Math QL course.

  • Meet in class 4 days a week.
  • A lot of group work in class, and some group work outside of class.
  • Most homework will be completed on your own.
  • If the usual way of learning math isn't working for you.
  • You can work in a group environment.
  • You learn best in a social setting.
  • If you have taken Math 950, or have been placed into Math 990.
  • You are planning on taking Math 1030 as your QL.
Register for the Math 810* course.

*Course number will change in the Spring of 2015.
Online Courses:
  • Classwork is done online.
  • Quizzes & Tests must be proctored.
  • If you are computer proficient.
  • If you can stay on track without hard deadlines.
Look for Math 950, 990, or 1010 courses listed as online.

Flipped Math:
More info:

  • Meet in a classroom 4 days a week.
  • Take notes from video lecture or textbook before class.
  • Do homework in class in a study group with teacher guidance.
  • Extra help available in the Hub computer lab.
  • If learning math is a challenge.
  • If you need a strict schedule to stay on track.
  • If you like working in groups and learning in a social atmosphere. 
Look for Math 950, 990, and 1010 classes that meet 4 days a week.

TERM (Technology Enhanced Redesign of Mathematics)
More info:
  • Meet in classroom 1 day a week and Hub computer lab 2 days (100 minutes) a week.
  • Complete one computer module per week with tutoring assistance.
  • Blend of web-based and individual instruction. 
  • If you have had some success in learning math.
  • If you can stay on track without hard deadlines.
  • If you want a personalized learning experience. 
Look for Math 950, 990, and 1010 classes that meet 1 day a week. 

 Fast Track

This option is available in all the TERM classes.
More info:
  • An option within the TERM course.
  • Test out of concepts you already know without doing the homework.
  • Test out of one or all modules.
  • Take comprehensive tests and the final exam. 
  • If you have previously done well in math and need to review some concepts.
  • If you want to finish more than one course in a semester.
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