Zoology Scholarships

Dr. Earl W. Smart Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Earl W. Smart was a professor of zoology and biology from 1955–1985. He was an outstanding and innovative classroom teacher, as well as researcher, author, public speaker and community member. During his 30 years at Weber State, Dr. Smart served on every major campus committee as either member or chair, contributing countless hours to the improvement of the institution. In addition to teaching, Dr. Smart served as chair of both the zoology and biology departments and as Assistant Dean for Natural Sciences in the School of Arts, Letters and Science. Dr. Rodney Brady, President of Weber State College (1978-1985) wrote of Dr. Smart, “It isn’t often that one person gives such service in so many areas of campus life. He was truly involved in all aspects of education and shared his life with his peers and the students at this institution.”
Mrs. Rheva G. Smart and the family and friends of Dr. Smart established the Dr. Earl W. Smart Memorial Scholarship in 1989.

Kent Van De Graaff Pre-Medical Application Award

The Kent Van De Graaff Award was established, by an anonymous donor, to honor Dr. Van De Graaff for his years of service as an anatomy professor and pre-medical advisor for Weber State University students. Dr. Van De Graaff was a teacher and researcher of anatomy and physiology at the University of Minnesota, Brigham Young University, and Weber State University, where he also earned his Bachelor of Science degree. From 1996 – 2005 he served as a professor of anatomy and as pre-professional advisor at WSU, where he actively taught until shortly before his death.

Dr. Van De Graaff was a prodigious author of over two dozen textbooks, laboratory manuals, study guides, and atlases in the fields of anatomy, physiology and biology. He was a renowned expert in the field of zoology education and ushered many of his publications into numerous editions. He was a beloved professor to thousands of students over his three-decade career and many current health care professionals regard him as a profound inspiration in their lives.

Orson Whitney Young Memorial Scholarship

Orson Whitney Young was a professor of zoology at Weber State College from 1933--1973. He was instrumental in starting the Visiting Scientist and Science Fair programs for Utah while he served as chair of the Junior Academy of Sciences, Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. In 1989, Dr. Young was awarded an honorary degree from Weber State in recognition of his outstanding professional attainments, distinguishing himself in research, teaching and advancement of scientific study, the development of many unique and innovative instructional programs and a lifetime commitment to academic excellence.

The Orson Whitney Young Memorial Scholarship was established in 1990 by the family and friends of Dr. Young.