Science Dean Scholarships

Private Foundation Scholarship

In each of the departments in the College of Science there are scholarships for several students funded by an anonymous donor and put under the title Private Foundation Scholarship. Each year, for several years, this generous and anonymous benefactor has provided thousands of dollars in scholarship money for students in the sciences.

Beishline Computer Application Fellowship

The Beishline Computer Application Fellowship was created in 2000 through the generosity of Kelly Calvert, 1991 mathematics alumnus and retired Microsoft Corporation Executive, with matching gifts from Microsoft Corporation. There are several reasons why Mr. Calvert established the Beishline Fellowship, but his experiences that eventually led to his giving are best explained in his own words:

“While studying chemistry at WSC (as it was called at that time) I held several part time jobs in the Chemistry Department. I worked in the chemistry classroom labs and I worked for several years for Professor Robert Beishline in his research lab on various research grants. Both of these experiences were valuable to me for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly they enabled me to complete my education by providing me with a meager, but adequate, source of income with which I was able to pay tuition and cover living expenses. (I had little/no parental or family support.) Having jobs that were on campus and related to my studies was a tremendous help and much better than the other alternatives . . . I’ve been very grateful for the opportunities I received in the Chemistry Department in general and specifically for the opportunity I received working for Dr. Beishline. . . [he] was a significant role model for me and helped me form some of the core values that have helped me throughout my life.”

Rulon and Margaret Howe Scholarship

Rulon and Margaret Howe moved to Ogden in 1947 after Dr. Howe had completed an M. D. at the University of Chicago, surgical training at Mayo Clinic, and five years of service in the Army Air Corps during World War II. In 1950, in conjunction with Dr. Bruce I. McQuarrie and other physicians, Dr. Howe founded the original Ogden Clinic. He served as President of the Utah Medical Association, the Utah Surgical Society, and was a founding member of the Ogden Medical-Surgical Society. Margaret Howe was a devoted wife and mother. She was also a skilled medical secretary who worked at the University of Chicago Clinics and at the Utah Tuberculosis Sanatorium.

This scholarship in their memory is given annually to an outstanding student in pre-medical studies by their daughter, Dr. Jean Howe Miller, and their son-in-law, Dr. Richard R. Miller.

Eugene M. Hall Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship

The Eugene M. Hall Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship was established in 2001 by Alan and Jeanne Hall to honor Alan’s father Eugene and offer students the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of this compassionate and caring man.

Eugene Hall spent 45 years as a pharmacist in the Ogden area. He attended Weber State as a student and graduated from the University of Utah in Pharmacy. He owned American Pharmacy and later the Medicine Shoppe, a national chain. Eugene was recognized by the Medicine Shoppe as one of its top pharmacists nationally.

Eugene was innovative in offering new services to his customers, including blood pressure tests, computer record keeping, automated pill counting and free health care screenings to the public. Eugene demonstrated compassion towards everyone he served, even learning Spanish to better communicate with customers. To Eugene’s family, he is the ultimate example of a loving spouse, father and grandfather. Service, caring, righteousness, and love characterize his life.

Thomas and Nancy Davidson Science Scholarship

Nancy and Tom moved to Ogden in 1960 when Tom left the Air Force and joined Thiokol. Since that time they have been ardent supporters of Weber State academics and athletics.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Nancy received a BS degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina. Nancy has always been heavily involved in community activities: Junior League, Ogden Symphony and Ballet Association, Utah Musical Theater, St. Benedicts Volunteers, Cub Scouts, Wildcat Club, Family Counseling Services and a wide variety of church offices. In 2001, she received a WSU Crystal Crest Award and in 2001, the Unsung Hero award from the Utah Fund Raising Association. In 2010, she received an Honorary Doctor’s degree from Weber State University.

Born in New York City, Tom moved around the country before settling in Washington, D.C. He received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland and then pursued graduate studies at Ohio State and Princeton. Upon graduation from Maryland, Tom was commissioned and spent the next 10 years in the Air Force, mostly in gas turbine and rocket propulsion R&D. After joining Thiokol he progressed through several marketing and engineering positions, retiring as a vice president in 1990. Since retirement, Tom has been extensively involved in community activities. He has been a member of the Utah State Board of Education and on the Board of Trustees for WSU. He is also a member of the WSU National Advisory Committee. In 1998, Tom received an Honorary Doctor’s Degree from Weber State. In 2008, Tom and Nancy received the United Way Community Leader award.

Marjorie Hansen DeBoer Scholarship (pre-pharmacy)

The Marjorie Hansen DeBoer Scholarship honors the memory of both Mrs. Marjorie Hansen DeBoer and her son Richard L. Hansen, a 1958 graduate of Weber College who enjoyed a career in pharmacy and touched the lives of numerous people.

Dr. George Gregory, MD Pre-Med Student Assistance Fund

In 2004, the Clair S. Weenig, MD and Joan Strathdee Weenig, RN. MSN Endowment was established by Dr. and Mrs. Weenig to assist pre-med students at Weber State University. The George A. Gregory M.D. Pre-Med Assistance Fund is financed through the Weenig Endowment and was created to honor Dr. Gregory, a wonderful role model and mentor to Dr. Weenig. Dr. Weenig received invaluable training at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco from Dr. Gregory who is a pediatric anesthesiologist and an international expert in the care of newborns before and after surgery. Dr. Gregory has made numerous contributions to neonatology, including the introduction of continuous positive airway pressure to treat respiratory distress syndrome. His current research includes innovative strategies to evaluate and treat hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen. He is a professor of anesthesiology at the University of California, San Francisco and a member of the Cardiovascular Research Institute. Dr. Gregory earned his medical degree at UCSF and is board certified in anesthesiology.

Dr. O. Wendell Hyde Scholarship

Dr. Oliver Wendell Hyde has been a well-loved physician in the Ogden area many years. Upon retirement from his medical practice, many of Dr. Hyde’s patients wanted to honor his wonderful career and contribution of a lifetime of care and service as a family medicine practitioner. They did so by pooling together resources and creating the Dr. O. Wendell Hyde Scholarship Endowment to support pre-medical students. Dr. Hyde has served as a community member on the university’s Institutional Research Board for many years.

Michael P. Ott Memorial Scholarship

Layton and Betty Ott established the Michael P. Ott Memorial Scholarship in memory of their beloved grandson Michael, who passed away after a car accident in 1999. Michael loved the outdoors and was an avid camper and fisherman. In 1998, Michael earned the rank of Eagle Scout and also graduated from Davis High School. His favorite places in the world were the beaches of Southern California and Lake Powell. Recipients of the scholarship reflect Michael’s strength and determination to succeed and overcome significant obstacles and difficulties in learning the skills necessary to achieve academic success.

Harold W. and Helen H. Ritchey Science Scholarship

The Ritchey Science Scholarship was established in 1980 by Dr. and Mrs. Ritchey to support and encourage students seeking to complete their education in the sciences. The Ritcheys lived in Ogden from 1960–1966 and returned to Ogden after Dr. Ritchey’s retirement from Thiokol in 1977.

Dr. Ritchey was a pioneer in the field of modern rocketry and is widely regarded as the father of solid-propellant rocketry. Dr. Ritchey was chairman of the board of Thiokol Corporation (now ATK) until his retirement in 1977, following 28 years of service. Prior to joining Thiokol in 1949, he had been chief of the Nuclear Reactor Engineering Department at the General Electric Co Hanford Works in Richland, Washington. Mrs. Ritchey passed away in 1988 and Dr. Ritchey in 2002.

The Ritchey Family Foundation continues to support the Ritchey Scholarship as well as the Harold W. and Helen H. Ritchey Northern Utah Science and Engineering Fair and the College of Science Ritchey Lecture Series.

Dr. Spencer L Seager Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Rodney H. Brady was president of Weber State College from 1978-1985. In 1994 the Rodney H. Brady and Carolyn H. Brady Charitable Foundation established an annual award to honor undergraduate teaching excellence that goes to a faculty member in the College of Science who has demonstrated a special dedication and ability in stimulating the interest of students in the study of science. This award is made in honor of Dr. Spencer Seager, long time Professor of Chemistry, who has for many years shown an extraordinary commitment to student achievement.

Leon and Frances Staciokas Scholarship

Fran loves medicine and in her youth wanted to become a nurse and did acquire some medical training. After three years working at a hospital, Fran transferred to night shift so that during the day she could attend Business College. She successfully completed Business College, graduating with honors. While working at the hospital, some of her jobs included being in charge of the medical and surgical floors as well as working in the delivery room and ER. To this day, she receives and reads medical information.

Leon’s situation was quite different. His father was a volunteer in the Lithuanian Independence War in 1918-1922 and because of his father’s service, Leon was given a full scholarship. While in school, he observed that some youths walked barefoot to school in order to save money for their tuition. It left an impression on him.

Both Fran and Leon feel strongly that they should assist deserving students who need help paying for an education.

Paul and Carolyn Thompson Research Fellowship

In consideration of efforts being made by Weber State University to support students engaged in undergraduate research, Paul and Carolyn Thompson established the Thompson Research Fellowship. It was their desire to provide an opportunity for the recipients to build a strong foundation for professional careers in the sciences.

Dr. Paul Thompson served as president of Weber State University from 1990 – 2002. During this time, Weber State’s enrollment increased from 14,500 to more than 17,000, WSU Online was created, master’s programs were developed, and the university embarked on its largest and most successful capital campaign to build support for everything from scholarships to facility improvements.

Dr. Cyrus M. McKell Memorial Research Scholarship

Though always modest of his accomplishments, former dean of the College of Science, Dr. Cyrus M. McKell’s research has resulted in over 230 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including editor or co-editor of seven books. He received a Rockefeller Foundation Travel Grant to Nigeria in 1965, a Fulbright Academic Fellowship to Spain in 1967-68, a six-month project in Kenya with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Governors Medal in Science and Technology in 1990, and in 1999, he received the Willard Gardner Prize for Distinguished Accomplishments in the Sciences.

Dr. McKell served as a member of the Utah Governor's Science Advisory Council and a member of Cache County Planning Commission. During his academic career, he served as a member or chair of scientific consulting groups to foreign countries, being sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, United Nations FAO, USAID, American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. He consulted on agricultural fieldwork and environmental development problems in over 30 countries, including, but not limited to, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Mexico, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, and Cyprus.

Dr. McKell continued to support Weber State after his retirement and he and Mrs. McKell funded a scholarship endowment in Botany. Dr. McKell passed away in 2009. The Dr. Cyrus M. McKell Memorial Research Scholarship was established through the office of the WSU Provost at Dr. McKell’s passing to honor him and promote excellence in student academics and research.