Scholarships and Fellowships

Many of the scholarships, awards, and fellowships in the College of Science are funded through private donations. The reasons are many and varied why individuals, companies or foundations support the education of someone they don’t even know; perhaps they were assisted in their own education, it may be a wish to honor a special professor or professional who made an impact in their lives. It could be, as is the case with several of the scholarships in the College of Science, memorializing of the memory of a loved one.

In addition to the scholarship, award and fellowship donors honored among these pages, the College of Science has many Friends of Science, donors whose gifts have made an impact on the lives of our students through support of labs, equipment, and programs.

The students, dean, faculty, and staff of the College of Science are grateful to our donors and wish to acknowledge the tremendous impact these gifts make on the education and lives of so many students each year in the College of Science.

For more information on the supporting students and programs of the WSU College of Science contact:

Brent G. Parkin

Senior Development Director

Dr. David Matty

Dean of the College of Science


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