The College of Science provides a variety of scholarships on a competitive basis for qualifying students. Premedical Professional students who are not majoring in the College of Science should contact their major's college and/or department for other scholarship opportunities.

The Application Deadline - Applications will be accepted until 4:00pm on January 29, 2016 

In addition to completing the application from the College of Science, you must update your personal information with the WSU Scholarship Office by January 25, 2016 before you can receive any WSU scholarship, please go to the following link to update your information:

A student may apply for multiple scholarships. The files below list the specific criteria associated with each of the scholarships the college currently offers and application. Students should print the files and follow the given instructions. Please note that applications should be typed and not hand written. Please do not put the application in a binder, folder or sheet protector.  Also, students who are awarded a scholarship will have their names posted on the College of Science web and printed materials. Please specify if you do not want your name published if awarded. This will not affect your application. 

The required information should be returned to Science Lab, room 611 by the deadline.

Applications are downloadable in PDF format & some are in Word format as indicated:

Davidson Scholarship Criteria   pdf     word
Dennis and Frankie Harper Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Marjorie Hansen DeBoer Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Eugene M. Hall Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Rulon F. and Margaret C. Howe Memorial Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Michael P. Ott Memorial Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
College of Science Private Foundation Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Harold W. and Helen Ritchey Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Leon J. and Frances N. Staciokas Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Dr. O Wendell Hyde Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Dr. Kent Van de Graaff Pre-medical Scholarship Criteria:   pdf   word
Dr. Cyrus M. McKell Memorial Research Scholarship:   pdf   word
NaDene B. Carver Scholarship Criteria   pdf   word
Dr. Lowell Daines Scholarship in Pre-Medicine Criteria   pdf   word
Paul and Carolyn Thompson Research Fellowship Criteria   pdf   word

Additional scholarships are offered through individual departments within the College of Science.  You are encouraged to check with your department concerning availability and application deadlines.