Mathematics Scholarships

Billiards Scholarship for Applied Mathematics

The Billards Scholarship for Applied Mathematics was established in 2000 by Sven Davies, a 1992 applied mathematics graduate. Sven, who now lives outside of Chicago with his wife and children, has a life-long love for billiards and participated on WSU’s billiards team while a student. His interest in creating the Billiards Scholarship was to encourage students to study math at WSU and promote billiards while examining the fun connection between the two.

Joshua Eisenstat Memorial Scholarship

The Joshua Eisenstat Memorial Scholarship is funded through the generosity of Mark Larson, a 2003 Applied Mathematics alumnus. Mark established and continues to support this scholarship to honor his nephew Joshua, six years his junior, who was autistic and mentally between two and three years old. Mark and Joshua were best of friends. Mark always tried to see Joshua after a stressful finals week, for the only math he cared Mark could do was count to 10 if they were boxing, or three if they were wrestling. A little over two years after Mark graduated from Weber State, Joshua passed away. Mark felt a math scholarship would be an appropriate way to honor Joshua, as he did not know any historical facts, he did not complete very many sentences, and he wasn’t into the performing arts, but he loved, loved, loved counting to ten.

MirAftabi Scholarship

The value of education was instilled in Dr. Afshin Ghoreishi, professor of mathematics at WSU, by his parents. His first and most influential teacher in his early education was his mother, Molouk MirAftabi. Due to her encouragement and support in his formative early age, attaining a doctorate became his ultimate formal education goal. The MirAftabi scholarship endowment is set up by Dr. Ghoreishi in her honor and for support of Applied Mathematics majors.

Diane C. Pugmire Memorial Scholarship

Diane Pugmire was a much loved and respected award-winning instructor in mathematics education at Weber State. This scholarship was created by her family, friends, colleagues and students to honor Diane’s memory and celebrate her commitment to education. Diane passed away unexpectedly on October 28, 2009.

Diane had a true passion for teaching and a tremendous commitment to helping students succeed, even when they themselves didn’t have confidence in their own mathematical abilities. She cared about each and every student she worked with. Diane was especially dedicated to ensuring that new elementary education teachers had the knowledge and skills to help young children understand mathematics and build a solid foundation for their future education. The Diane C. Pugmire Memorial Scholarship will perpetuate the memory of Diane’s service, commitment, and positive attitude and inspire others to emulate her qualities and contributions.

Merlon L. Stevenson Scholarship

Merlon Stevenson held many positions at Weber from 1921–1964. When he first came to Weber Normal College in 1921, there were five science faculty members. He taught most, if not all, of the mathematics and engineering classes. Additionally, he was the athletic director and coach of football, basketball, tennis, and track and field from 1924–1934. Other positions Merlon Stevenson held at Weber were Dean of Instruction (comparable to today’s Provost), and Chair of the Mathematics and Physical Science Division.

Merlon and Ruth Stevenson established this scholarship in 1988 and it has been added to by family and friends throughout the years.