Geoscience Scholarships

Richard and Belva Moyle Geology Scholarship

Started in 1984 by Dr. Richard and Mrs. Belva Moyle, the Moyle Geology Scholarship is an excellent example of how a scholarship endowment can grow when it is being added to on a consistent basis. Dr. Moyle is an emeriti faculty member from the Department of Geosciences. He came to Weber State in 1965 during a time when Weber State was transitioning from a junior college to a four-year institution. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and taught at Weber State through 1996, serving as department chair for a time. Mrs. Moyle is a long-time Weber County resident and taught elementary school in the Weber School District for many years. Both of the Moyles have been very active in the community and hold a strong belief in the importance of education.

Questar Geology Education Scholarship

Questar Corporation and its affiliates have played an important role in Weber County for many years. The company believes it is a responsibility and privilege to invest in the communities where its employees live and work. Through an employee volunteer team and shareholder-funded endowments dedicated to education and the arts, Questar works to strengthen the communities where it does business.

Questar concentrates financial and volunteer support on projects and organizations that share the company’s commitment for promoting healthy cities and neighborhoods and improving the quality of life of others, especially families and children.

Through the Questar Education Foundation, the company funds several scholarships each year in the Geoscience and Physics departments at Weber State University and additionally funds building support for the university.

Norman and Barbara Tanner Scholarship in Geosciences

The Tanners created this scholarship to support geoscience students who plan to pursue a career in the sciences or science education. Norman and Barbara have been very active in business, political, civic and cultural affairs throughout Utah. The Norman and Barbara Tanner Scholarship opens the door for talented and dedicated students to excel as scientists or science educators. Through their thoughtful gift, the Tanners serve as role models for students, and encourage others to emulate their philanthropic leadership.