French 4710 French for Business II Syllabus

Dr. Cheryl M. Hansen
430 Elizabeth Hall

Musée Pompidou, Paris—Photo taken by Cheryl Marie Hansen

Office Hours:  TR 1:00-2:00 or by appointment

Course Materials:  Parlons Affaires! Initiation au Français Économique et Commercial, Troisième Édition. R.-J. Berg, Heather McCoy. Heinle Cengage Learning, 2014.
Un bon dictionnaire français-anglais

Course Objectives:  The course's main objective is to give students the opportunity to move from an intermediate to an advanced level of language proficiency, and to give them the tools to communicate in a professional setting.  Students will participate in a variety of course activities, including oral presentations, translation, writing assignments, and reading and analysis of authentic professional documents.  The text, with supplementary reading sources, will give students the opportunity to improve their understanding of French technology and business.
Specific Outcome Goals:  
1.  Acquire vocabulary needed to communicate in the context of French business and technology
2.  Express oneself in speaking and writing in a business and professional context
3.  Familiarize oneself with the different texts available for French business and technology; analyze and compare these texts
4.  Understand the different types of French businesses, and the politics and ethics that existent in the world of French business
5.  Acquire a better understanding of the Internet as it relates to the world of business; learn the types of services, documents and information available
6.  Learn to use the best resources for the given research project
7.  Acquire the necessary tools to evaluate the best jobs

Grading:  Writing assignments 25%, Oral presentations 15%, Final project 25%, Exams 20%, Class participation and attendance 15% 
Writing assignments include all papers and exercises assigned, homework, translations
Students will give 2 short oral presentations (graded), and in-class presentations on homework
Final project will be the presentation of a proposed French business, and will include its political structure, type of service or product, method of distribution, and a marketing campaign.  Complete instructions are posted in Canvas.
There will be two exams during the semester.
Class participation and attendance are important.  More than three unexcused absences will result in a grade deduction.
Late work will be accepted at a 20% grade deduction and must be turned in by the next class period after it is due.          

Services for Students with Disabilities.  Students with medical, psychological or learning limitations or disabilities who desire academic adjustments or accommodations, must contact Services for Students with Disabilities at 626-6413.

Emergency/Closure:  In the case of an emergency closure because of weather, natural disasters or flu alerts, students will be notified by email with instructions for how the class will be conducted and how assignments may be completed.  Please make sure that your preferred email address is listed with the university class listing and on Canvas. That is the address I will use for all contact. To contact me, please use my Weber email address listed above.

Academic Honesty.  Any form of cheating or plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment (or the course in severe cases).  For Weber State’s policy on cheating, please consult the WSU Student Code Section IV, Part D, Paragraph 2 of the PPM.