French 3710 French for Business I

Dr. Cheryl M. Hansen

Professor of French

Elizabeth Hall 430


Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:30 PM, or by appointment as needed.

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Text:  Business French An Intermediate Course by Jean-Luc Penfornis
Grading: Students will be graded on class participation and attendance (20%), writing/oral assignments and homework (10%), two exams (10% each), 4 oral presentations (40%) and final business portfolio (10%). Information for preparing written and oral assignments and homework is posted in Canvas.  All requirements for preparing the 4 oral presentations and the final business portfolio is posted in Canvas.  Grading criteria is included.
Course Objectives:  This text is designed for students at the intermediate, or third to fourth-year level of French, who are seeking to develop vocabulary and cultural knowledge of French business, and who wish to improve their language skills in order to conduct business in French or travel through French-speaking countries with greater command of the language.  Students will engage in specific tasks to reach their communicative and linguistic goals.  The tasks are based on authentic experiences one would find in the business world.  Through a variety of tasks, students will be asked to perform a wide range of activities that are designed to keep them motivated to advance language acquisition.  Students will learn how to resolve problems, handle business documents, make decisions, and engage in communicative activities that encourage lively class discussions.  There are a variety of tasks that advance language acquisition, including extensive grammar coverage.  Cultural topics are presented throughout the book that provide opportunities for cultural analysis, listening and comprehension, and vocabulary building.  At the end of each unit of the text, students will be asked to explore and respond to an intercultural question. This text also prepares students for the CFP (Certificat de français professionnel) and the DFA 1 (Diplôme français des affaires, niveau 1) offered by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris.
The beginning language level for this course is intermediate-low to intermediate-mid.  At the end of the course, students should be able to communicate at the intermediate-mid to intermediate-high language level.  Some students may reach advanced. (Language levels are based on the ACTFL Proficiency guidelines.)
Policies and Procedures:  Preparation and attendance are essential to the learning process when studying a foreign language.  Since class activities are highly interactive, progress of the entire class depends on individual effort and participation. Students are expected to be prepared with homework assigned and to participate fully in class activities. Students are expected to complete all assignments when due to receive full credit. Late work will not be accepted.  If you cannot attend class, homework must be submitted by email or on Canvas the day it is due.  More than three unexcused absences will result in a lower grade.
Cell phones, iPads and laptop computers may be used for classroom activities when approved by the instructor.  However, personal use, such as texting, Internet surfing, and calls are not acceptable.

Services for Students with Disabilities: Students with medical, psychological or learning limitations or disabilities who desire academic adjustments or accommodations, must contact Services for Students with Disabilities at 626-6413

Emergency/Closure:  In the case of an emergency closure because of weather, natural disasters or flu alerts, students will be notified by email with instructions for how the class will be conducted and how assignments may be completed.  Please make sure that your preferred email address is listed with the university class listing. That is the address I will use for all contact.  To contact me, please use my weber email address listed above.


Academic Honesty:  Any form of cheating or plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment (or the course in severe cases).  For Weber State’s policy on cheating, please consult the WSU Student Code Section IV, Part D, Paragraph 2 of the PPM.