Why Clickers?

There are many effective uses for clickers in the classroom.  Since every course is different, you will probably want to consider how and whether a specific class you teach would benefit from the use of clickers.  See why and how clickers are currently being used at Ohio State University.

Getting Started

Here's what you need to do to start using clickers in your classroom:
  • Complete TurningPoint training
  • Install TurningPoint software
  • Reserve a set of clickers
  • Create a Presentation
  • Deliver the presentation

Training will be provided by the clicker support staff.  The training will cover how the system works, how to install and use the software to create quality presentations, how to reserve clickers and check them out to students, and how to teach students about using the clickers.

Installing the software
The software can be obtained from the clicker support staff.  It is currently only available for Windows, but a Mac version is in development.

Reserving clickers
To use the clickers you will need to reserve a set for your class. There are a limited number, so be sure to reserve them far enough in advance.  Clickers are available by calling 626-6091.

Creating a presentation
The TurningPoint training should provide you with a solid base understanding of how the software works.  If you would like additional information or have questions please see the Resources links at the bottom of the page, or feel free to contact one of the support staff listed below.

Delivering a presentation
At the beginning of your class you will need to check out the ResponseCard clickers to individual students and teach or remind them how to join the channel for your class and how to input their responses.  If you wish the students to be able to view information gathered by the TurningPoint system during the class (for example, a live graph showing a breakdown of the students' responses) you will need to be in a multimedia enabled classroom.  After the class ends you will need to have the students check the clickers back in and return the set to...where you got them from.  :)

Support Contact Info

Bob King
LP215A - Multimedia Services
Ext. 6865


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