Part 1 (three-part CIL 1502 exam) Windows Practice Problem


This is part one of a three-part exam.  Work the Presentations problem (part 2) also.  Part three is e-mail.  Know how to send and add attachments to an e-mail message in Wildcat or your personal e-mail.  Know how to create screen shots and snips. 

The lab is currently using Windows 7 and Microsoft 2013.

  • Use this Windows practice problem if you are in Lab 311 of Elizabeth Hall on campus.  Substitute files from your hard drive if using a home or work computer. 
  • This practice problem will help you to become familiar with moving. copying, renaming, and creating files and folders as well as using the snipping tool and how to take and insert a screenshot into a Word document.
  • The exam can be taken on a MAC or a PC.  The files for the MAC will be different.  Follow the instructions for the PC then substitute files for the MAC OS.
    • A valid driver's license or a student ID card is required to take the exam. 
    • For on-campus students it is a good idea to practice the steps on one of the computers in Elizabeth Hall so you will be familiar with the software before taking the test.

1.   Begin this practice test with a blank storage medium. If there are folders or files on your storage medium erase or format your disk now.  You will save your work to our Chitester system or the desktop in Lab 311.

  • If any of the MEDIA files are missing from the hard drive use another file.  Files will be different on the different versions of Windows.  The object is to create, move, copy, and name files.

Windows 7

  • You will use the screenshot, snip, or grab option depending on the version of Windows you will use on the PC or the version of the MAC OS you are using. 

    • In the NTM testing lab we use the latest version of Windows or MAC software and the following three areas can be accomplished by using one of the computers in NTM lab 311 in Elizabeth Hall.

  • Practice creating a sticky note, entering text to the sticky note, and placing it on the left side of your computer screen.

  • Practice choosing a gadget and placing it on your computer screen

  • Practice taking a rectangular, freeform, and full screen snip of the gadget and sticky note, saving it to your flash drive as a jpeg image, and then inserting it in a Word document and also into a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Gadgets can be found by right clicking on the desktop and sticky notes can be found in the Start area of your screen (if they do not show, do a search for sticky notes and gadgets)

2.   Use the Computer or Explore option to create a new folder named Practice 1 on your storage medium.

3.   Create a second folder at the same level as Practice 1 and name it your full name (i.e., MaryJones)

4.   Open Practice 1 and create a folder inside of it and name it your last name (i.e., Jones).

5.   Copy one of the snips or screenshots into the Practice 1 folder.

6.   Copy onestop.wav from C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\ to your last name folder (remember you can use another file if this one is not listed)

7.   Move the snip or screenshot from the Practice 1 folder to your full name folder.

8.   Rename the file called onestop.wav to Utah.wav.

9.   Take a screenshot or a snip of the files and folders on the storage medium and paste or save them to a Word document.  You can save directly to a flash drive then insert the snip into the Word document. 

  • Use the snipping tool to create a copy of an element on your desktop (practice creating a rectangular, freeform, and full screen snip).  Know how to open the snip image in a Word document (insert/picture/choose the snip), know how to save the snip as a jpg file, and know how to save the snip file to your flash drive.

  • For MAC Users: you will need to know how to use the grab tool and know how to change the format from .tiff to .jpg

Windows 7 snip

The Snip Tool Option (this snip is part of the Windows screen saved as a jpeg file)

NOTE: You have three chances to take each exam; the first attempt and two retakes.  If you do not pass the exam, pay the cashier $10, and bring the receipt with you to take the second or third test.  The cashier is located on the second floor of the student services building.  Be sure to check your score on Canvas to see if you have passed the exam.

PC screen shots are created by:

  • Press the Print Screen key on the keyboard (Scrn SysReq, (Prt Scr - SysReq, or prt scr sysrq on some keyboards).
  • Open a Word Document
  • Press the CTRL and the letter V key (ctrl V) to paste the screen shot into the Word document  (ctrl C is copy, ctrl V is Paste).
  • Save the Word Document to the desktop, CD, or directly to the storage medium.