Part 2 (three-part CIL 1502 exam) Presentations (PowerPoint) Practice Problem


This is part two of a three-part timed (one-hour) exam.  PowerPoint will be used to take the exam.  A valid driver's license or a student ID card is required to take the exam. 

The lab is currently using Microsoft Office 2013, Windows 2007.

Work Part one (Windows problem) also.  Part three is e-mail.  Know how to send, save, and add attachments to an e-mail message in Wildcat, your personal e-mail account, and Canvas e-mail.  Know how to take a snip of a file, screen, or image using the snipping tool (located from the start button).  A snip takes a copy of what you have on the screen.

PowerPoint Practice Test

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

1.   Create a folder on the desktop entitled your first name Practice PowerPoint (i.e. Mary Practice PowerPoint)

2.   Open PowerPoint and begin by selecting the Equity design.

3.   Slide 1:  Create a title slide using Microsoft Office Software Features as the title and your first and last name as the subtitle.  Insert the date and time under the subtitle.

4.   Use the following outline to create five new content slides.  You will add a clipart to the Excel slide. You will have six slides when finished with the practice problem.

      Slide 2: Title and content slide

         Create slides to be used in making  presentations
         Includes graphical images such as
        Clipart and pictures
        Organizational Charts

Slide 3: title and content slide


·         Create, edit, format, and print documents

·         Oriented toward working with text

·         Includes some numeric and graphical features


Slide 4:  Two content slide.  Attach the following media clip on the left side, trimmed to to a start time of 00:14 and end time of 00:21.887.  NTMcommerciallink.mp4  This clip is also available in lab 311 from the 1700 folder on the M drive.

  • Use the preset 2 style for the video clip.

  • Add an audio clip to slide 4 on the right side and trim to 00:05 and 00:07.855

Slide 5: title and content slide



·         Add, subtract, and perform user-defined calculations

·         Oriented toward numbers

·         Includes charts  

5.   Create a background image on slide 2.  Change the transparency to 75%.  Know how to format the background image.

6.   Add a video clip from the PowerPoint video options to slide 3. Know how to trim the video (change the timing) and how to place a border around the video image and change the weight of the border.  Change the title on slide 3 to a WordArt image of  your choice and delete the placeholder with the title so only the WordArt shows.

7.    Add an online computer related clipart image to the Excel  slide 5 on the right side (anything that has to do with computers).  Format the clipart to 2” high.  Animate the clipart. Do not add an animated clipart, but animate the clipart.  Add an audio clip to the slide and place on the left side.

  • Know how to size the clipart, change the background color, change the color of the different elements in the clipart, how to add a border around the clipart, and basic clipart formatting.  Know how to group and ungroup an image.  Know how to change the color of one of the components of the image.  Choose an image that allows grouping - not all images will allow the grouping option.  Also know  how to insert an animated clipart.

8.   Use one customized bullet for all main bullets on one of the slides.  Use a different customized bullet for the sub bullets on that slide. 

9.   Add a footer to your entire presentation that includes two parts:  (1) a fixed date with the day of the week and month, day, year (i.e. 6.11.2012), and (2) your first and last name. 

10.  Add a header to the notes and handout page with your full name and the date in the header.  Put a page number and the word Practice in a footer.

11.  Add a transition to each of the content slides.  Do not add a transition to your title slide. 

12.   Save the file as a presentation file with your last name Practice PowerPoint Exam as the file name. 

13.  Know how to print the presentation as a handout on a single page using 4 or 6 slides per page.  Use grayscale as the color/grayscale option. 

14.  Create a new slide using the blank style (slide 6) and take a snip of the handout page, save the snip as Capture snip 1 to your desktop, and insert the picture on the new slide.  Slide 6 will be blank in the snip.

15.  Save the presentation. Name the file last name Practice PowerPoint Exam.  

16.  Copy or move the exam folder to a flash drive.