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Computer and Information Literacy (CIL)

All students must complete a four-part Computer & Information Literacy requirement to receive a bachelor's degree from WSU. This requirement should be completed within the first 60 credit hours of course work at WSU. It is suggested that CIL classes be taken within the first year of study. 

  • Lecture, lab, or online classes are available as well as tests (tests are for those who have excellent computer application skills)

  • Check the class schedule, choose the Network Technology and Business Multimedia (NTM) classes or exams you need, and register

    • You must register to take the CIL exams - each exam is a half credit--they are not clep tests

    • See the Exam Syllabus for information about the tests

The WSU Core Requirement is Divided into Four Parts:

  • Part A: Word Processing (can be satisfied by taking NTM 1701 or 1501 - see requirement information below)

  • Part B: OS, Presentations, E-Mail (can be satisfied by taking NTM 1702 or 1502 - see requirement information below)

  • Part C: Spreadsheets  (can be satisfied by taking NTM 1703 or 1503 - see requirement information below)

  • Parts A, B, and C (can be satisfied by taking and passing NTM 1700--see below)

  • Part D: Information Literacy (Internet and library science research skills) (can be satisfied by taking Library Science LIBS 1704 or NTM 1504 - other classes are available - see class information below (see catalog or library web site for more information)

  • The requirement can be satisfied by signing up for lecture/lab/online classes, taking exams, or completing a combination of both.

    • CIL Options for Classes:

      • NTM 1701 (word processing), 1702 (OS/Presentations/E-mail), 1703 (spreadsheets) lab or online self-paced classes

      • NTM 1700 lecture class meets parts A, B, and C (word processing, OS/Presentations/E-mail, spreadsheets)

      • LIBS 1704 lecture and online

      • LIBS 2504 online
      • LIBS/EDUC 2604 lecture and online

      • LIBS/BUSADM 2704 lecture and online

      • LIBS 2804

      • LIBS/HTHS 2904 online 

    • A score of 73% is required to pass Computer and Information Literacy courses and exams
    • CIL Options for Exams:
      • NTM Exams: 1501 (word processing), 1502 (OS/Presentations/E-mail), 1503 (spreadsheets), and 1504 (library science - information literacy)  

        • Students register for the NTM exams the same as any other course at WSU 

        • Register for the NTM exams or classes at your regular registration time 

        • Students must access http://canvas.weber.edu for instructions once registered for the CIL exams 

        • Cutoff dates for exam registration are:

          • Fall Semester:           November 1

          • Spring Semester:       March 1

          • Summer Semester:    June 1


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