Information Literacy Exam


Part D
Information Literacy Exam Tutorial The NTM TD 1504 exam is a timed (one-hour) Internet-based Library exam. A valid driver's license or a student ID card is required to take the exam. You must be registered for the NTM 1504 exam to take the test.

You will use your Wildcat username and password to enter Chitester.  Have your ID number handy when you arrive to take the test.

You have three chances to take the exam; the first attempt and two retakes.  If you do not pass the exam, pay the cashier $10, and bring the receipt with you to take the second or third test.  The cashier is located on the second floor of the student services building.


You will know your score as soon as you complete the test.  A score of 73% or above is required to pass this test.

What to Study

The Library personnel have created a tutorial for the 1504 CIL exam. The site is located at:

Tutorial Link

Be sure to click on the arrow at the bottom of the first page to go from page to page.  Also know how to use the library web site.

The site can be accessed from the following links as well as the link above: Takes you to the Information Literacy library web site. Click on NTM 1504 Exam Tutorial.  Takes you to a site that has access to the site above and tells how to get help in languages other than English (Español is offered at this time).

This is a link to the Owl at Purdue.  The OWL is a reference guide to English grammar.   Link to MLA Style Guide.     Link to APA Style Guide.

Students can contact librarians at the Reference Desk for assistance on preparing for the test.  They will give pointers on preparing for the 1504 CIL exam. The library Reference Desk can be reached by calling 801-626-6415 or toll free 1-877-306-3140. 

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