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Cardio Fitness May Slow Brain Atrophy In Early Alzheimer's

A new US study found that increased cardiorespiratory fitness was linked to reduced brain atrophy in people with early stage Alzheimer's Disease, suggesting that either this directly caused the slow down in brain deterioration or some other unidentified disease related factor impacted both brain atrophy and cardio fitness.  This was the conclusion of Dr Jeffrey M. Burns, of the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, and colleagues, who published their work in the July 15th issue of the journal Neurology.  "People with early Alzheimer's disease may be able to preserve their brain function for a longer period of time by exercising regularly and potentially reducing the amount of brain volume lost. Evidence shows decreasing brain volume is tied to poorer cognitive performance, so preserving more brain volume may translate into better cognitive performance," said Burns.

July 15, 2008.