Chemistry Department Mission Statement

Chemistry Mission Statement

The mission of the Chemistry Department is to provide chemistry majors with the skills and knowledge of chemistry they need to successfully pursue their chosen professional careers and other activities following graduation from Weber State University. Included with this goal is the more global application to provide a solid theoretical and experimental chemistry foundation for other majors across campus, including but not limited to: Physics, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Geosciences, Criminalistics, Allied Health, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Profession students, and a general liberal education in chemistry for non-science majors (general Education). The Department also provides services that require chemical expertise at the University and in our community. Faculty members are involved in community science and research projects which promote science education at all levels. Along with the faculty members, chemistry students render significant service each year to events such as the Utah State Science and Engineering Fair and Science Olympiad. The five main chemical expertise are: physical, analytical, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry. The Department seeks to foster and promote learning and proficiency in each of these areas.

Chemistry Vision Statement

Our vision for the Weber State University Chemistry Department is to be recognized as Utah's leader in undergraduate chemistry education by providing a highly versatile four-year American Chemistry Society certified program with outstanding faculty and specified strengths in analytical and medicinal chemistry, offering a strong tow-year chemical technician degree, and fostering meaningful relationships with industry and government agencies.