Open Enrollment & Lottery

Notice of the opportunity to submit an application and procedures for enrollment at the School will be published on the WSU Charter Academy website beginning no later than sixty (60) days before the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period will commence for each upcoming school year between January 1 – February 28. Lottery Application must be received by 11:59 p.m. on February 28 to be included in the lottery. The lottery is locked after the closing date with no changes being made except to withdraw a child from the lottery. The website provides the following enrollment information: (1) a description of the procedures for applying for admission to the charter academy; (2) the opening date or the charter academy’s calendar; and (3) a description of how a student may transfer from WSU Charter Academy to another charter school or district school.

Submission of Lottery Application during the open enrollment period does not guarantee admission of any child. If the number of applicants during the open enrollment period exceeds the charter academy’s capacity, a random lottery will be held in accordance with state and federal law. The initial lottery of WSU Charter Academy will be held during the first part of March. The lottery will fill the number of spots available, and then a priority waitlists will be created with the remaining applicants. When enrollment numbers have been assessed and it is determined there are openings families with students on the priority waitlists will be notified of their acceptance.

Subsequent lotteries will be conducted from time to time as needed until the targeted enrollment numbers are met. In subsequent years, the first lottery will be held in March of each year, following which, additional lotteries will be conducted from time to time as needed until the targeted enrollment numbers are met in the given year. The WSU Charter Academy may, at the discretion of the administration and as is permitted by applicable law, continue to enroll students from the lottery and/or waitlists throughout the school year to fill vacant seats when students withdraw.

Applications for enrollment at WSU Charter Academy will be made electronically. If WSU Charter Academy receives more applications for a grade than there are available seats in that grade, it will accept students through a random lottery system. The only exception is that WSU Charter Academy may give preference in its random lottery to certain categories of students as permitted by applicable law. This preferential status shall be given in the following order and to the following categories of students:

First Preference: to children of “Founders” (as defined below);
Second Preference: to children of “Teachers” (as defined below) of the charter academy; Third Preference: to siblings of students presently enrolled in the charter academy; and Fourth Preference: to children of “Employees” (as defined below) of the charter academy.

A “Teacher” is defined as a licensed employee working in a teaching capacity for more than 3⁄4 of the school day.

An “Employee” is defined as an individual employed by WSU Charter Academy who works more than 20 hours per week for the School. “Employee” does not include contractors or subcontractors.

A “Founder” is defined as an individual who plays a significant role in the development of the school as determined and approved by WSU Charter Academy’s Governing Board. Prospective Founders must commit to provide at least sixty (60) volunteer hours before the opening of WSU Charter Academy and an additional thirty (30) hours during the move-in phase in fall 2013 to the development of WSU Charter Academy as determined by the Board. Founder status will not be conferred based on donations made to WSU Charter Academy. Individuals who fail to meet these requirements can have their Founder Status revoked.

Each Founder and each employee is allotted preferential enrollment for one (1) child. The “child” must be the “legal responsibility of” and “in the care and management of” the person listed in the preferential status.

No student shall be given priority notice or guaranteed admission to the charter academy. No more than 5% of the total student population will be enrolled as a result of priority based on Founder or employment status of the student’s parent(s). Students selected through the random lottery will receive written notice from the charter academy within five (5) business days offering admission to the WSU Charter Academy. The offer of admission will include, among other things, a deadline for accepting the offer. Failure to accept an offer of admission by the deadline will permit the WSU Charter Academy to offer admission to another student identified through the random lottery.

Using bingo balls with a matched list of numbers assigned to students (multiple birth students will have the same number), the lottery will take place in a public forum. No preferential treatment, guaranteed admission, or denial of any student will be permitted for any reason other than age requirement for the beginning of the school year (age 5 by September 1). All students and their parents/guardians who have applied for the lottery will be invited to the forum, but attendance is not mandatory. This forum will originally take place on the Ogden campus of Weber State University.

Admission and Notification: Once a child has been accepted either through the lottery or the waitlist, parents/guardians will be notified via email, within 3 working days, and given the opportunity to accept or decline their child’s admission and complete the necessary paperwork for registration. Upon notification of acceptance, an electronic and/or signed copy of an acceptance or rejection form must be returned to the WSU Charter Academy.

WSU Charter Academy will attempt to contact parents/guardians regarding their child’s admission a minimum of two times. If the parent cannot be contacted or is non-responsive within a designated time period, the available space may be offered to another waiting student. Response deadlines are calculated from the first attempted contact as follows:

Date of First Attempted Contact

Response Deadline

Lottery through June 30

2 weeks

July 1 through July 31

1 week

August 1 through First Day of School

48 hours (2 working days)

First Day of School through September 30

24 hours (1 working day)

Parents/guardians will be notified via e-mail. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the school has their current contact information and to respond by given deadline to an offer of admission.

Final Registration: Parents/guardians who accept admission are provided with required registration materials to complete student registration as well as a firm deadline for submission of all registration materials. If the designated registration deadline is not met, the available space may be offered to another waiting student.

The registration packet must be returned within five (5) weeks of the students’ acceptance. Failure to return packet within this time period will result in student being dropped from the WSU Charter Academy.