Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center

PARC promotes the social, economic, and independent well being of people with disabilities in the community by developing needed resources, hosting promotional events, and creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Our philosophy at PARC is life is good. We believe that when life’s participation is at its’ fullest, including daily challenges, we are able to maximize quality of life. At PARC we are inspired every day by individuals who live that philosophy. We truly believe that when individuals are participating and contributing to their communities, those communities are at their best. At PARC, our mission is magnified by our service to not only people with disabilities and their families, but to our community as well. Our people are passionate, committed to excellence, and immersed in a culture that understands that communities are at their best when they embrace and support all people.

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Director, Special Needs Programming: Joseph Maes


Chair: Brian Barnum

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Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center