Center for Community Engaged Learning

Record Your Service Hours

Why Do I Need to Record My Hours?

Registering your service hours with CCEL:

  • Provides the university with a more accurate picture of the community engagement happening on our campus,
  • Enables CCEL to recognize all of our campus members who are engaged in service,
  • Assists faculty in tracking their students' hours for their course, and 
  • Helps students list all of their service activities on their co-curricular transcript.

How to Record Your Hours 

First, you need to register with the Center For Community Engaged Learning. 

  • If you are volunteering at a community organization with CCEL's Wildcat Card Swipe Check-in/out Station, all you need to do is swipe your Wildcat card when you arrive and when you leave.  The hours you volunteer will automatically be recorded in the CCEL's Hours Tracking System, WeberSync. Don't forget to swipe out when you leave the organization for the day. 

  • If you are volunteering at a community organization that does not have the CCEL's Wildcat Card Swipe Check-in/out Station, login to WeberSync and follow the following steps:
1.  Click "My Tools" at the top of the screen.
2.  Click "Involvement" in the drop-down menu.
3.  Click "Add Involvement Entry" in the top, right corner of the screen.
4.  Use the "Add Activities" radio button.
5.  Select your involvement group with which you have completed your volunteer hours (ie: cel course - faculty, honor society or club or Community Engaged Leaders).
6.  Type the name of the Agency where you completed your volunteer hours, the number of hours and the date(s).
7.  Type the name, title, email address and phone number of the Volunteer Coordinator or Secretary at the Agency where you completed your volunteer hours.

  • Proof of Participation is option but is where you could upload a photo of your volunteer activity, etc.

  • If you are having problems, please visit our WeberSync Frequently Asked Questions sheet.  If you are unable to find an answer to your question(s) there, please email or call the CCEL at: or 801-626-7737.  Thanks you for being patient with us in this transition.
Community Organizations with a Wildcat Card Swipe Check-in/out Station

  • Best Buddies
  • Catholic Community Services
  • Cottages of Hope
  • Davis/Morgan/Summit Head Start
  • GOAL Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ogden Nature Center
  • PARC
  • Salvation Army Ogden
  • Special Olympics Utah
  • United Way of Northern Utah
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah
  • YMCA
  • Your Community Connection (YCC)
  • Youth Impact

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