Community Engaged Leaders

Service Team

The Community Engaged Leaders Service Team is a student-run community service program in partnership with WSUSA. Our passion for service and love for people motivate us to change lives, open eyes, and improve the community by engaging students.


VP of Service


Interim VP of Service 

Tyler Nelson


General Service Programming

   General Service

   Kasey Call
Dinosaur Park

Ogden Dinosaur Park & Museum strive to secure and provide resources to develop and maintain dinosaurian natural history exhibits, educational and recreational activities, and expanded facilities and programs to service people of all ages. 

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Done-in-a-Day gives WSU students with limited time opportunities to participate in one-time, short-term service projects.

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GOAL Foundation

GOAL strives to support the Greater Ogden community's vision to be recognized as an outdoor recreation mecca, and to engage the community in outdoor activities to get out and live. 

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International Community Engagement
Ogden Nature Center

The Ogden Nature Center is a 152-acre nature preserve and education center open to the public year-round.

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Wildlife Rehab

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center's goal is to rehab and then release animals back into their natural habitat. 

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Special Service Opportunities

Students may choose to volunteer for American Red Cross blood drives, domestic and international humanitarian aid projects, or traditional WSU programs.

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Poverty Programming

   Poverty Programming

   John Bemis

Catholic Community Services

CCS provides for the basic needs of Northern Utah and creates hope for those who need it most.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent and affordable housing in partnership with low-income families in Weber and Davis counties, and around the world.

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Weber Cares

The Weber Cares program is comprised of two options for students who are experiencing food insecurity: the food pantry, and the voucher program for more immediate assistance.

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Your Community Connection

Your Community Connection (YCC) provides services to support and enhance the quality of life for women, children, and families.

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Special Needs Programming

   Special Needs Programming

   Jake Lloyd

Best Buddies

Promotes fun and special friendships between university students and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Special Olympics Teams

For people with intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics is often the only place where they have an opportunity to build their self-confidence. WSU volunteers provide a gateway to joy for the Special Olympics athletes.

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Youth Programming

  Youth Programming

  Hannah Smith

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionslly supported 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. 

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Boys & Girls Club

After-school and summer program that offers a safe, positive place for kids to participate in recreational and educational activities.

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DaVinci Academy

Academy chartered by the Utah Sate Board of Education and opened in 2004 with the mission of integrating science and the arts after the example of Leondardo da Vinci. 

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Head Start-OWCAP

Head Start is a program that promotes self-sufficiency in common terms equates to a family having the personal resources to provide stability to adequately sustain life. 

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Family Enrichment Center

Family Enrichment Center or Head Start is designed to meet the needs of low-income families and includes services in the areas of education, health, nutrition, mental health, social service, disabilities, prenatal education, parent involvement and training.

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YMCA After-School Program

YMCA is a program to help youth develop to their fullest in spirit, mind, and body by incorporating the core values of caring, respect, honesty, and responsibility.

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Youth Impact

Youth Impact's purpose is to support, protect, serve and instill hope in the children of Ogden.

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Alternative Breaks

  Alternative Breaks

  Haille Van Patten

Sierra Bodily

Marketing and Recruitment

Spencer Lee
Fundraising and Budgets

Parker Ferguson

Community Partners





Alternative Break Trips

New description will be added. 

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Democratic Engagement Team

The Community Engaged Leaders Democratic Engagement Team is a student-led program in which students facilitate the political and non-political engagement of university students as well as high school students. This program provides young people with the tools necessary to make policy change in their communities.

Tim Isom
American Democracy
Project Chair

Colt Jarvis
Democratic Engagement
Team Chair

Myla Andersen
Jenica Wilden Erin Dominguez

Bret Alexander

The American Democracy Project

Coordinated at Weber State University by the Democratic Engagement Team housed in Student Involvement and Leadership and the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL). This project is focused on higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed and engaged citizens.

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a multi-campus initiative focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. The project began in 2003 as an initiative of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), in partnership with The New York Times. 

The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce graduates who are committed to being knowledgeable, involved citizens in their communities. The 250 participating colleges and universities, as members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, have been described as “Stewards of Place.” As today’s undergraduates complete their studies and return to their communities, universities must prepare the next generation of citizens to become tomorrow’s “Stewards of Place.”


To support this goal, ADP has created seven initiatives involving ADP campuses and partners. This is called the Civic Engagement in Action Series. These seven initiatives are:

  1. The Stewardship of Public Lands
  2. Seven Revolutions
  3. Participatory Citizenship: American Democracy and the Jury System
  4. Political Engagement Project
  5. Strategies to Encouraging Voting
  6. Civic Engagement and the First Year
  7. Civic Commitment

All seven of these initiatives brings attention to a national issue. A variety of materials, program ideas and recommendations for campuses participating in the ADP were developed through the Civic Engagement in Action Series.

American Democracy Project campuses observe and participate in a series of Special Days of Action and Reflection. While we strive as a project to drive civic engagement deeper into the curriculum and co-curriculum of our campuses in long-term, lasting ways, we also recognize the importance of specific days of celebration. The special days in action and reflection that ADP observes include: 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance (September 11), Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (September 17), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January 16, 2012), and Earth Day (April 22).

The Democracy Commitment:

Modeled after the ADP, the Democracy Commitment (TDC) is a national civic engagement project for community colleges that aims to engage community college students in civic learning and democratic practice. The goal of the project is for every graduate of an American community college to have an education in democracy. This includes all community colleges students, whether they aim to transfer to a four-year college or university, to achieve an associate degree or to obtain a certificate.



Constitution Week
14 - Laughlin McDonald, 11:30 am (Collaboration with the Walker Institute)
15 - Voter Registration Simulation evening
16 - Rock the Vote evening (Collaboration with the Walker Institute)
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium
26 – Debate Watch Fireplaee Lounge

19 – Debate Watch in Fireplace Lounge
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

8 Election Night Party
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

State of the Union Watch
Elect Us
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

Human Library
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

1 - Deliberative Democracy Day in the Ballrooms
Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

Democracy Wall in the Union Atrium

Community Research Team

The Community Engaged Leaders Research Team enables WSU students to perform research with and for community partners. With the guidance of two faculty advisors, students meet with community leaders, formulate critical research questions, and design and implement research studies to answer these questions. During this process, students collect data, analyze and interpret their findings, develop reports, and present research in community, University, regional, and national venues. This is an unparalleled experience for students who are interested in learning how research works and how research directly impacts a community.

For more information, see the project descriptions below and join our WeberSync Portal and Facebook page. 


Marla Rosenvall

Gary Duran  

Madelaine Tesori


Rebecca Mikkelsen


Teresa Kendall

Yolanda Fredrickson

DaVinci Academy

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts is a public charter school located in the Weber school district. The DaVinci Academy teaches grades K-12 and is seeking the help from Weber State University’s Community Research Team as well as students to help develop the best strategic plan to assess DaVinci’s mission and philosophy. We at the Community Research Team need volunteers (students) to help with literature reviews so we can come up with the best research strategy to assess whether or not the DaVinci academy is meeting their mission and philosophy.  

Volunteers will assist with: 

  • Finding articles relating to organization mission and philosophy
  • Composing literature reviews
  • Constructing a research plan 
  • Analyzing and reporting data from the research

For more information, please contact

Tess Kendall or Marla Rosenvall 

Project Success

The mission of Project Success Coalition is, “Proudly served Utah since 1989, providing after-school and summer academic programs, cultural arts and awareness, health prevention education and advocacy and community and economic development.  Growing out of a grassroots community coalition, we pride ourselves on being one of the voices for our community in articulating, advocating and addressing the needs of African Americans in Utah.  Finding workable solutions and promoting community empowerment is at the heart of our work and we invite those interested in joining the effort to do so.”

African Americans in Utah experience some of the most devastating inequities and disparities in most areas of life including health, education, incarceration, poverty, unemployment, and business ownership, and the list continues.

This project will focusing on reducing health disparities reduction and through conducting community-based research. The research will include:

  • Research of reviewing other studies that have been done
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Analyzing data
  • Preparing reports

For more information contact Madelaine Tesori 

Ogden Police Department Survey

Public Opinion of Ogden City Police Department

Description: The Ogden City Police Department survey is an opportunity for residents of Ogden to voice their opinion of the Ogden City Police Department.  Volunteering for this project consists of knocking on doors with a partner in Ogden and surveying residents.  Some of the fascinating topics that the survey covers are body cameras, use of force, race, etc.  This survey could change the future of policing in Ogden City, and you can be a part of that change.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Door-to-Door surveying
  • Data Entry

For more information, contact Gary P. Duran

South Ogden VOICES Survey

The VOICES South Ogden Community Survey encourages South Ogden residents to Voice their Opinions. The research involves surveying residents of South Ogden about their opinions on a variety of issues related to city services. Students involved in this research project gain hands-on experience in survey administration, data analysis, and reporting results.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Door-to-door surveying and follow-ups
  • Analyzing data
  • Preparing reports

For more information, contact Yolanda Fredrickson.

Barriers to Fathering

Research shows that fathers have a significant impact in the lives of their children. Children who have secure relationships with their fathers have better health, experience higher cognitive functioning, are more confident, and are better prepared to face the world. However, many low-income fathers face obstacles, challenges, and barriers to full participation in their children’s lives. Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) Head Start wants to identify the barriers to participation and then determine if the responsible fatherhood program presently in effect is addressing the barriers and helping fathers overcome them.

Paper and electronic surveys will be distributed to fathers of children enrolled in Head Start. Volunteers will be needed for data entry, analyzing data, and preparing reports.

For more information, contact Rebecca Mikkelsen or Marla Rosenvall


To apply for a Community Engaged Leader position on one of the three teams - service, democratic engagement, or community research - please complete the following steps:
1) Submit an online WSU general scholarship application by logging into your student portal and searching on "financial aid and scholarship application."
2) Complete the FAFSA (financial aid form) - link provided in the scholarship application.
3) Complete an online application for
        Service Team 
Applications due April 1, 2016.
Student leaders are expected to grow in at least one of the following learning outcomes: 
  • Civic Knowledge
  • Civic Skills
  • Civic Values
  • Civic Action
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Leah Murray - Democratic Engagement Team -
Sheldon Cheshire - Democratic Engagement Team -
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