Community Engaged Supplemental Instruction

The Center For Community Engaged Learning, in collaboration with the Supplemental Instruction Program at WSU, provides supplemental instructors for community engaged learning faculty.

Program Objectives

  1. To deepen the learning experience of students in CEL courses;
  2. To encourage faculty to utilize the pedagogy despite their heavy teaching load; and
  3. To assess the impact of CEL supplemental instructors on student learning and attitudes about community engagement.

Faculty Benefits

It may seem overwhelming to build and maintain partnerships with community organizations while simultaneously teaching course curriculum and making connections between classroom material and students’ community engagement work.  In these situations, a CEL Supplemental Instructor (CEL SI) can help. CEL SIs are students (normally an upper level student that has taken the course before) who assist the person teaching the CEL course.


Supplemental instruction provided by the CEL SIs differs from that usually provided by the Supplemental Instruction program (SI). It is specific to the CEL experience.

Supplemental instruction may include but is not limited to:

  • Reflection sessions with students (in class and out of class);
  • Project planning and facilitation with students and community partners; and
  • Assistance with CEL assignments.

Training, Support, And Mentoring

Both the CCEL and the Supplemental Instruction office are responsible for training and supporting the CEL SIs in their work and monitoring the student and faculty participants throughout the project.  Students serving as CEL SIs receive regular training on practices to prepare them for their roles.  However, it is also necessary for the CEL faculty to mentor the CEL SI in the specific course. The student chosen by the course teacher, having already completed the course, will be acquainted with the course material and expectations.


The student has two options for compensation:
  1. For credit: Faculty/staff work with their individual departments to determine the number of college credits given to students who are CEL SIs.
  2. For pay: An hourly wage is negotiated with the CCEL. This option has limited slots available and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
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