Community Engaged Learning Fellows Program

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) provides training for faculty and staff interested in community-engaged learning (CEL) and/or community research (CR) pedagogies.

Fellows meet in the fall semester to learn the theories behind community-engaged approaches to learning and research then develop courses, workshops, presentations, or other materials for delivery in the spring. The hybrid training consists of five face-to-face workshops and several online components in Canvas.

Typical Program Schedule


  • Attend statewide CEL retreat (Sponsored by Utah Campus Compact)

September - November

  • Attend five workshops approximately every other week
  • Apply for Temporary CEL designation on course (September)


  • Attend group social

January - April

  • Teach newly revamped course
  • Apply for CEL designation on newly revamped course (February)
  • Meet with CEL Fellows for book discussions and to be fully embedded in the community

May - July

  • Select new CEL Fellows

Interested in becoming a CEL Fellow?

Contact Becky Jo Gesteland at  if you are interested in becoming a CEL Fellow.

Fellows are selected at the end of Spring Semester and begin the program in August of each academic year.


2012-2013 CEL Fellows

Kristen Arnold

Nicole Berthelemy

Fon Brown

Ted Cowan

Electra Fielding

Pepper Glass

Sherrie Jensen

Raji Lauffer

Joanne Lawrence

Anette Melvin

Alice Mulder

Leah Murray

Melissa Neville

Aaron Newman

Gregory Parkhurst

Sarah Steimel

Kathleen Stevenson

Liese Zahabi