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Scholarships 2017-2018

For ALL scholarships, complete the University application first

Continuing WSU students must complete the online scholarship application each year to be considered for all university scholarships.  The application is available as early as September 1 of the prior academic year.  The priority deadline is January 9, 2017.  Applicants must reapply each year to be considered.

  1. Go to
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  3. Search for scholarship
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  1. Be sure the aid year is correct
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Arts and Humanities Scholarship Application - due February 3, 2017

Lindquist College 2017-2018 Scholarship Application

Advice to Scholarship Applicants

The John A. and Telitha E. Lindquist Academic Scholarship
The John A. and Telitha E. Lindquist Academic Scholarship is the foremost private scholarship available to Arts & Humanities students. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic ability and/or creative talent in arts or humanities as demonstrated at high school or university levels. Students must be nominated by a faculty member.

AHA! Scholarship
The scholarship recipient must be a declared major in a program within the College of Arts & Humanities and must be nominated by an arts and humanities faculty member.
Faculty nominators must provide a letter illuminating the student’s promise and why s/he merits the scholarship. Nominees may attend full or part-time during the award semester(s). Nominees should exhibit perseverance and commitment to education.

Edna Ione Hall Scholarship
The scholarship recipient must be a full time student majoring, minoring, or taking classes within the college (during the year of the award). Preference will be given to international, out-of-state or minority students, and/or students with financial need (FAFSA recommended). The recipient may be an incoming or continuing student. If awarded to the same student for multiple years, the student must have and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout the year(s) of the award. If no nominees are qualified, the award will be held for the following year.

  • Unmet financial need
  • Minimum Weber State GPA: 3.0

Edith Gidney Briem Memorial Scholarship
Student must have a declared major in the college of arts and humanities. Must be able to demonstrate academic excellence.

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Weber State University GPA between 3.0 and 4.0
Matthew S. Browning Scholarship for Nontraditional Students
The scholarship recipient:
  1. Must have a declared major or minor in any department of the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities and may be either an undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  3. May be enrolled full or part-time.
  4. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate service to the community; to students who demonstrate financial need through their application (financial need does not need to be demonstrated through FAFSA); and students with children under the age of 18 (or minor).
Tom and Nancy Davidson Arts & Humanities Scholarship
The scholarship recipient must be a full-time student with a declared major in the college of arts and humanities. The student must attend school full-time during the award semester(s), a 2.5 minimum GPA or higher and demonstrate financial need (FAFSA application required)

William G. Hughes & Barbara Morrell-Hughes
The Hugheses pledged an annual gift to support scholarships in the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities.
The recipient(s) shall be selected based on the following criteria:
  1. Must be graduate students or undergraduate students with a declared major in any area of the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities;
  2. Must have an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher;
  3. If undergraduate students, preference will be given to students who qualify for financial aid;
  4. Preference will be given to single parents; and
  5. The scholarship may be awarded to the same student(s) for multiple years, as long as the recipient continues to meet the required criteria.

Departmental Scholarships

*Please see departments for the most up-to-date information on department scholarship applications and available scholarships.*

Stafford Memorial Scholarship

  • Alternates between writing (English) and journalism (Communication)

Raymond and Beth Winkler Price Scholarship

  • Alternates between drama and speech

Communication Scholarships

  • Louis Babcock- Debate
  • Deseret News- Journalism
  • Leland Monson- Debate
  • Lampros Endowment- Journalism
  • Society of Professional Journalists- Journalism

English and Literature Scholarships - due February 3, 2017

  • Elmer Ericson
  • Patricia Haslam
  • Linguistics Scholarship Fund - more info here
  • Anya Kenley- Must be a declared major; 3.0 GPA
  • John & Nancy Lowe- Strong English or writing skills, not necessarily an English major
  • Swanson Foundation-English Major

Foreign Languages Scholarships - due February 3, 2017

  • Ed Kenley Foreign Language Scholarship- Junior/Senior status; declared major; 3.0 GPA
  • Howard F. Phillips- Junior/Senior status; 3.0 GPA; expenses incurred in conjunction with study abroad program

Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Theatre) Scholarships

  • Anya Kenley Scholarship for the Arts- Declared major in the department; 3.0 GPA
  • Sophie Wetherell Reed Memorial Scholarship- Performing Arts major who has demonstrated talent and ability in his/her chosen field, 3.0 GPA minimum.
  • Patti O’Neal Scholarship- Dance major/minor; 3.0 GPA
  • John and Vera Eccles Scholarship- Dance
  • Jetta Barker Farr Memorial Scholarship- Music
  • Reed and Maggie F. Gammell Scholarship- Music
  • Igor Gorin- Music
  • Gene Funk Hillyard Memorial Scholarship- Music major; keyboard emphasis; 3.0 GPA
  • Roland C. Parry Memorial Scholarship- Junior/Senior status; music major (composing)
  • Presser Foundation-Senior status; music major
  • Dennis and Kristine Read Scholarship- Instrumental music
  • Mona Smith Memorial Scholarship- Music major (particularly keyboard)
  • Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Scholarship- Junior status; music education major; 3.2 GPA
  • Gladys Minnoch Wilson Scholarship- Music; organ study
  • Thatcher Allred Scholarship- Dramatic Arts major
  • John Elzey Memorial Scholarship- Theatre Arts major

Visual Art & Design Scholarships

  • Farrell R. Collett Alumni Art Scholarship - Visual Art major
  • Keith W. Wilcox Endowed Scholarship - Art major
  • Elizabeth Brown Dee Scholarship - Visual Art major
  • Douglas McFarland - Senior status and Visual Art major
  • Lani Berlin Prout Scholarship - High school or re-entering student; Art major

Lindquist Fellowships for Students - due February 3, 2017

Lindquist Fellowships for Students Proposal Form

The John A. and Telitha E. Lindquist Endowment for Creative and Artistic Endeavors enhances and enriches the social, cultural and artistic climate of the university community by funding fellowships which support creative and artistic efforts by the faculty and students of the College of Arts and Humanities.

Invitation to apply:  Students are invited to apply for fellowships for academic year 2016/17.  Fellowships are available to support creative and artistic efforts such as:

  • Student participation in competitive exhibitions, conferences, or writers’ workshops
  • Student production/performance of original works in the electronic, literary, performing, or visual arts
  • Student projects in the electronic, literary, performing, or visual arts.

Proposals with the potential to yield tangible products/performances will be given priority consideration in the application screening process, as will proposals that engage the student in community involvement or include other students in the project.

Proposals are due by: February 3, 2017 for projects beginning May 1, 2017. Projects should be completed within a 12-month period.


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