Greetings from Interim Dean, Catherine Zublin


I am a lucky person. There have been a few exceptions to that statement, but mostly I am a lucky person. Theatre and costume design found me; I started college as a political science major. I thought that a life in politics would be interesting, my father was certain I would go to law school. But I became disillusioned with politics and looked for other classes to fill my schedule. One such course was an introduction to theatre that required backstage participation. My thinking at the time was I could sew fairly well and as such, this would be an easy A! Later, when I transferred from one university to another, I had to go through late registration, which in those days meant you wandered around the field house looking for classes that were still open so you could get a coveted IBM punch card. In hindsight, it was much like what the character Joanne says in the play, Vanities, by Jack Heifner. 

—You have to imagine a Texan drawl —

“Thank God, I ended up in something.  I just kept taking classes in the Music Department.  I would always go to registration and stand around trying to decide what to take. The tables for science and English and everything else were always so crowded.  I just didn’t know what to do. And every time I’d pass by the Music Department table, there wouldn’t be a line.  So I’d sign up for a few more music courses.”  Finally I had all the credits for a degree.  I never wanted to study music.”  

My story is similar but with a better ending - I was standing around at late registration and there was NO line at the theatre table AND the advisor at the table promised I could hammer and paint. This scenario sounded great to me, so I registered for Stagecraft.  This lead to my first paid theatre job, building props for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.  I discovered that I loved working in the theatre, but I suspected that I would be better suited making costumes. The next year, I took costume history and costume design classes; I was hooked. 
Within the Lindquist College we have mentors ready to guide your studies so that you too, will be ‘hooked.’


Catherine Zublin 

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