College Committees 2015-2016

Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee 

Internal Members:

Gary Dohrer (ENGL)
Colleen Packer (COMM)
Eva Szalay (FL)
K Stevenson (DOVAD)
Joanne Lawrence (DPA)


External Members:

Lauren Fowler (PSYC)

Michelle Paustenbaugh (CHEM)


University Rank Tenure Evaluation Committee

Michael Wutz (ENGL)
Cheryl Hansen (FL)

Representative on the University Council of Teaching Education:

John Trimble

IT Security Representative:

Brad Naisbitt

Faculty Senators:

Diego Batista (LANG)
Carey Campbell (DPA)
Alicia Giralt (LANG)
Jessica Greenberg (DPA) * Fall 2015 only
Electra Fielding (LANG)
Molly Morin (DOVAD) * will serve 15-16 academic year
Jean Norman (COMM)
Julia Panko (ENGL) * will begin serving in Spring 2016 

Sarah Steimel (COMM)

A&H representatives to Faculty Senate Committees:

Academic Resources and Computing:
Isabel Asensio (FL)
Ryan Cheek (COMM)
Admissions, Standards, and Student Affairs:
Diego Bastista (FL)
Becky Marchant, Chair (ENGL)
Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom, and Tenure:
Russ Burrows (ENGL)
Sarah Steimel (COMM)
Constitutional Review, Apportionment, and Organization:
Sheree Josephson (COMM)
Tom Mathews (FL)
Karen Moloney (ENGL)
Univseristy Curriculum:
Craig Bergeson (FL)
Carey Campbell (DPA) -Liason to Executive Committee

Environmental Issues:
Kyra Hudson (ENGL)

Faculty Board of Review:
Kathy Edwards, Chair (COMM)

General Education Improvement & Assessment:
Susan McKay (ENGL)
Honorary Degree:
Mikel Vause 
Research, Scholarship, and Professional Growth:
Siân Griffiths (ENGL)
Electra Fielding (FL)
Salary, Benefits, Budget, and Fiscal Planning:
Scott Rogers (ENGL) * will serve Fall 2015
Yu-Jane Yang (DPA) * will begin serving Spring 2016
Teaching, Learning, and Assessment:
Toni Asay (ENGL)
Colleen Packer (COMM)
Kacy Peckenpaugh (FL)

College Curriculum Committee

Isabel Asensio, Chair (LANG)
Susan McKay (ENGL)
Shannon Roberts (DPA)
Drew Tyler (COMM)
Molly Morin (DOVAD)

Meeting times and information for the College Curriculum Committee:


Grievance Committee

Diego Batista (LANG)
Carey Campbell (DPA)
Judy Elsley (ENGL)
Hailey Gillen Hoke (COMM)
Stephen Wolochowicz (DOVAD)

College Scholarship Committee

Catherine Zublin, Chair
Electra Fielding (FL)
Omar Guevara (COMM)
Jan Hamer (ENGL)
Stephen Wolochowicz (DOVAD)
Ralph van der Beek (DPA)






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