Lindquist College Committees 2016-2017


College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee (RTEC)

College RTEC

  • Becky Johns (COMM)
  • Mark Henderson (DPA)
  • Mark LeTourneau (ENG)
  • Tom Mathews (FL) - chair
  • Angelika Pagel (DOVAD)
  • Melina Alexander (Teacher Ed)
  • Leah Murray (Poli Sci)

University Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee (RTEC)

  • Susan Hafen (COMM)
  • Sally Bishop Shigley (alternate)

Lindquist College Faculty Senators

  • Diego Batista (FL)
  • Electra Fielding (FL)
  • Mark LeTourneau (ENG)
  • Molly Morin (DOVAD)
  • Jean Norman (COMM)
  • Julia Panko (ENG)
  • Sarah Steimel (COMM - executive committee)
  • Stephen Wolochowicz (DOVAD)

Faculty Senate Committees 

Academic Resources & Computing Committee (ARCC)

  • Isabel Asensio (FL)

Admissions, Standards, and Student Affairs (ASSA)

  • Diego Batista (FL)
  • Becky Marchant (ENG)

Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom, and Tenure (APAFT)

  • Russ Burrows (ENG)
  • Sheree Josephson (COMM)
  • Molly Morin (DOVAD)

Constitutional Review, Apportionment, and Organization (CRAO)

  • Tom Mathews (FL)
  • Dave Feller (Fall) (DPA) / Karen Moloney (Spring) (ENG)


  • Craig Bergeson (FL)

Environmental Issues Committee (EIC)

  • Christy Call (ENG)
  • Paul Crow (DOVAD)
  • Kyra Hudson (ENG)

General Education, Improvement, and Assessment Committee (GEIAC)

  • Becky Marchant, HU Area Chair (ENG)
  • Susan McKay (ENG)

Honors Program Advisory Board

  • Paul Crow (DOVAD)

Research, Scholarship, and Professional Growth (RS&PG)

  • Robin Haislett (Fall) (COMM) / Hailey Gillen-Hoke (Spring) (COMM)
  • Dave Feller (Fall) (DPA) / Sian Griffiths (Spring) (ENG)

Salaries, Benefits, Budget, and Fiscal Planning (SBBFP)

  • Yu-Jane Yang (Fall) (DPA)/ Shelley Thomas (Spring) (FL)

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA)

  • Colleen Packer, chair (COMM)
  • Toni Asay (ENG)
  • Kacy Peckenpaugh (FL)

University Committees

Course Fees

  • Jess Greenberg (DPA)


  • Thom Priest (DPA)

College Committees

College Scholarship Committee

  • Becky Jo Gesteland, Chair
  • Electra Fielding (FL)
  • Omar Guevara (COMM)
  • Kyra Hudson (ENG)
  • Stephen Wolochowicz & Jason Manley (DOVAD)
  • Brad Vieth (DPA)

Curriculum Committee

  • Isabel Asensio, Chair (FL)
  • Daniel Jonas (DPA)
  • Ryan Cheek (COMM)
  • Susan McKay (ENG)
  • Jason Manley (DOVAD)

Meeting times and information for the College Curriculum Committee:

Grievance Committee

  • Diego Batista (FL)
  • Carey Campbell (DPA)
  • Hailey Gillen-Hoke (COMM)
  • Mali Subbiah (ENG)
  • Stephen Wolochowicz (DOVAD)

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