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 Christa Boyd

Christa Boyd
Bridges Lead Mentor

Christa Boyd, one of the Lead Mentors for Bridges, is a first-generation college student attending Weber State University. She is majoring in Sociology. Christa came through Bridges when it was called the SmartStart program as a participant and after her first year of college decided to  return and volunteer.  Her service evolved into a paid position as one of the Lead Mentors. Christa says that she loves mentoring because it is about service and helping people find the resources that they need to be successful.

Christa spends much of her spare time volunteering within the Native American Community, presenting workshops on the benefits of college, and bringing a greater respect and awareness of the Native American Culture to Weber State University.

Christa plans to graduate from Weber State in the Fall of 2013. After graduation she hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah. Ultimately Christa plans to assist Native American youth and help them get into college.


 Rod Peterson

Rod Peterson
Bridges Lead Mentor

Rod Peterson, one of the Lead Mentors for Bridges, is attending Weber State University where he is majoring in International Economics. Rod’s projected graduation date is Fall of 2015.

Rod chose to become a Lead Mentor after having mentored for the Bridges Program for a year. He is excited about the opportunity to pass along the information and knowledge he has to help incoming freshmen be successful in college.

Rod is passionate about traveling. He was born in the Philippines and has been traveling since the age of two. “I believe the only way to understand the world we live in is to experience other cultures and peoples’ way of life firsthand.”

Upon graduation from Weber State, Rod plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Economics and then start a company that helps businesses set up and implement earth-friendly practices. “We only have one Earth and we need to take better care of it.”

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