The WSU Brand: What We Stand For

At Weber State University, we proudly embrace our dual role as an educational institution: providing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs as well as meeting the community-college needs of our region.

Our Vision

To be the national model for a dual-mission university.

Core Themes

From our university mission, we have identified three core themes that help sum up what Weber State University is all about:

  • Access
  • Learning
  • Community

These themes affirm our principles and help us create standards to measure our success as a university.

As you are communicating about WSU, keep our university vision and these core themes in mind. Look for images and messages that will help share or reinforce them with our audiences.

Core Values

Our core values describe the culture we aspire to.

  • Learning through personalized experiences and shared inquiry
  • Engagement in community
  • Access and opportunity for all
  • Respect for people and ideas
  • Nurturing the potential within every individual