Writing Style in Advertising

Advertising can be large-scale, on billboards and buses, or smaller scale, such as newspaper/journal ads or banner ads on websites. While it’s crucial to make sure the ad is visually appealing, good writing is what ultimately gets your message across.

  1. Make the goal obvious. What do you want people to do after seeing your ad: Call for information? Visit a website? Fill out a form? This is your “call to action.” Make sure that message is crystal clear.
  2. Catch their attention, quickly! Maybe it’s a clever phrase, or one powerful word, or a short testimonial quote that will be most effective at reaching your audience. You have a limited amount of words to use in an ad, so make them all count.
  3. Don’t try to say too much. Focus on the two points above and only include “must-have” info; more will muddle the strength of your message. If necessary, list your website as a source of more (short, straightforward, well-organized) information.