Logo Usage Guide

The Weber State University signature has two parts: the logo (shield with W in it) and the wordmark (the words). They should be used together whenever possible. In some cases, the shield can be used alone, but it is not the preferred choice.


The flaming W represents light and the flame of knowledge and should always be white.

  • When the shield is Wildcat Purple, the wordmark must be University Gray (preferred) or Wildcat Purple (acceptable for one color printing).
  • If purple is not a printing option, the shield can be black or University Gray. The wordmark should be the same color as the logo.
  • Do not screen the mark or make it semi-transparent.


Reversed Logos

Special care should be taken when using the marks on a dark background. The flaming W must be white and the shield outlined in white. Use logo downloads labeled “reverse” and designated for the type of project you are doing to ensure the proper result.

Size & Spacing

Maintain a free area equal to one half the height of shield around the mark to preserve legibility. For the primary signature, the flaming W logo should never be smaller than .1875" in print or 30 pixels for web. The signature should be at least .75" wide in print or 104 pixels for web. For the horizontal signature, the flaming W logo should never be smaller than .1875" in print or 30 pixels for the web. The signature should be at least 2.25" wide in print or 190 pixels for the web.


Avoid altering, embellishing or distorting the logos in any way.

Don't stretch or squish the logo to make it fit.


Don't outline the logo or reverse the colors. The W is always light and the shield dark.


Don't add color or texture to the shield or let imagery show through the W.


The marks can be placed on top of a photo, pattern or texture as long as legibility isn’t sacrificed.


Don't change the fonts.


Don't alter the proportions of the logo and signature.


Avoid unapproved colors. Don’t introduce new elements, like lines or drop shadows.


Don't remove the W from the shield.


Don't use the logo as a “W” in your text.