Using the Brand in Advertising & Marketing

“Worthy of Your Dreams” Campaign

WSU’s primary advertising campaign is based around the slogan “Worthy of Your Dreams.” This concept was chosen because of our role in helping students make their dreams come true—whether that dream is as far-reaching as becoming a world-class concert pianist, or as down-to-earth as preparing for a better career and supporting a family.

Why Take Part?

Tying your department/program’s advertising into “Worthy of Your Dreams” both reinforces that primary message, and also allows you to highlight what you do to help students reach their goals.

Tailor the Campaign to Your Program

Every one of our students has a dream and goal they’re trying to reach—if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be here. Identify students that your program has helped along the way and allow them to tell their stories. This kind of powerful, positive messaging can strongly resonate with audiences that have their own dreams to pursue.