Policies & Guidelines

The Wildcat Block Party mission is to create more student awareness of Weber State University campus programs and departments and to build a greater sense of community within Weber State and the surrounding Weber/Davis communities. Billed as more than an information fair, we encourage all campus programs/departments to provide students with a hands-on educational experience. Questions can be directed to Tara Peris at taraperis@weber.edu.

Policies regarding booths:

  • Each program/department will be provided with a table (2.5 x 8 ft.) and 2 chairs.
  • Total booth space varies according to the location. For booth size, please see individual booth descriptions for dimensions.
  • WSU Programs/Departments can book additional space.
  • All booths must obey fire code and fire lanes by not blocking any walkways.
  • Help us keep the Block Party clean by picking up around your area and disposing of trash in the proper receptacles at the close of Block Party. If your area requires excessive clean-up, you may be fined.
  • Every booth must abide by the WSU sidewalk policy. No vehicles will be allowed on campus sidewalks between 6:30 AM and 2:00 PM. A permit is required to use a vehicle on campus sidewalks at any time.
  • Due to the time of year that the Block Party is held, we encourage each booth to furnish a canopy to provide shade (10’ x 10’ canopies are the largest that can be accommodated; smaller are preferred).
  • Please see Wildcat Block Party Best Practices for additional information.
  • The Wildcat Block Party, as a University entity, supports a free exchange of ideas. Still, as an event created for students, political booths are limited to those related to student political organizations (i.e., college democrats, college republicans, etc.). When those booths support candidates, we ask that the candidates be limited to national elections (i.e., Presidential, Senate, Congress). We also encourage voter registration, voting site information, voting dates, informed voter information, etc.
  • Due to the mission of the Wildcat Block Party, retail selling is prohibited.
  • Use of microphones or bullhorns for live announcements/broadcasting is prohibited.
  • We ask booths to do their best to mitigate risk to themselves and the Wildcat Block Party patrons.
  • All booths are expected to follow any and all risk management policies or directives that are given.
  • If a question arises regarding if a vendor fits into the mission of the Wildcat Block Party, a decision regarding participation will be made by the Wildcat Block Party Committee. All committee decisions are final.

Food at booths:

For profit vendors ($300 - 1 parking pass for the day included):

Due to the mission of the Wildcat Block Party retail selling is prohibited.


  • Vendors are businesses that wish to offer their services to the students of Weber State University.
  • Vendors must abide by the vendor policies of the Wildcat Block Party.
  • Vendors may use the Shepherd Union loading area for unloading and loading only. If a vendor parks in the loading area, the vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed.
  • As a volunteer event, there is not a crew and/or equipment to assist vendors with loading/unloading or set-up; therefore, please furnish your own dollies, hand trucks, manpower.
  • We recommend vendors provide their own small canopies for their booth areas to help defeat the sun and the heat. This is a must if you are showing anything on a laptop. For booth dimensions, please see individual descriptions when you register for your space (canopies larger than 10’ x 10’ cannot be accommodated).
  • Vendors must reserve space online before the event date and be fully paid before arriving on campus.
  • Vendors must attend one mandatory meeting with the Wildcat Block Party Chair prior to the event, date and time to be determined. If the person reserving the space cannot be there, a representative of the company must be present.
  • Vendors may not disturb the flow of foot traffic on campus pathways.
  • Vendors may not actively solicit, use aggressive sales tactics or harass individuals.
  • Any gifts offered on site must be free and not conditional in any way.
  • Vendors may not have students sign any kind of contract for services on site; this must take place at the Vendor’s place of business.
  • Table signage cannot extend beyond the length of the table. Signage may be draped or positioned on the table itself.
  • Organized booths or display units may be placed behind or in place of a table and chairs (provided booth dimensions will accommodate them).
  • Audio/visual systems must be set at acceptable (by Weber State) levels and volumes.
  • Vendors are responsible for the set up, security of their property, dismantling of their locations (except table and chairs), and cleanliness of their areas.

Restaurants/Food Vendors (One parking pass for the day included)

  • Restaurants and food vendors will be included in Block Party’s “Taste of the Town.”
  • Food vendors must carry insurance and food handler’s permits.
  • Food vendors must be willing to hand out samples of product; vendor fee may be waived at the discretion of the Wildcat Block Party Chair.
  • Food vendors must provide at least 500 servings of product.
  • Taste of the Town participants must attend one mandatory meeting with the Wildcat Block Party Chair prior to the event, date and time to be determined. If the person reserving the space cannot be there, a representative of the company must be present.

Not For Profit Organizations (No charge - 1 parking pass for the day included)

  • Booths will retain non-profit status and not be charged as vendors as long as they are not selling items.
  • Selling items may be approved if an organization is selling at cost (i.e., first aid kits, emergency preparedness kits, etc).