Thanksgiving Dinner for Ogden Youth Impact

 For many years Beta Alpha Psi has enjoyed the privilege of providing a Thanksgiving meal to the youth of Ogden.  This tradition takes place at the Ogden Youth Impact.  Youth Impact is a program to mentor and encourage youth in the community.  Please read more about this program at

In 2009 the Thanksgiving meal was combined with Parent Night.  The delicious dinner provides additional incentive to parents to come and participate in the program with their children. Each year we have about 250 hungry parents and youth excited for a great meal! Dinner is typically served at 5:00 PM on the Monday the week of Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful experience to serve a Thanksgiving Dinner to these families. 





During the Spring and Fall semesters Beta Alpha Psi organizes tutoring for students enrolled in the Accounting 2010 & 2020 courses. This is an excellent way to serve the student body of Weber State.  The tutors are students who volunteer their time to help others understand accounting basics. The dates and times tutoring is provided varies by semester depending on the availability of the volunteers.

If you are a student seeking assistance and the day and times of tututoring do not meet your schedule you may also seek help from the Tutoring Center.  The Tutoring Center is located on the the first floor of the Student Services Center.