Enrollment Windows

Application for membership in Beta Alpha Psi is limited to the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters of each school year.  This limited enrollment window is a policy set and enforced by the national chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and therefore exceptions cannot be made.  For the Fall semester, the application deadline typically comes around the third week of September.  Attendance at the banquet is also mandatory for becoming a member.  The banquet for the Spring 2015 semester will be on April 3rd.  For the Spring semester, the application deadline typically comes towards the end of January.  If interested in applying please be sure to contact our VP of Membership with any questions.


Membership Application Form


Member Standing

Individual member involvement directly affects the individual student’s experience in BAP. Member participation also affects the standing of the chapter. Each member attend at least 12 hours of BAP sponsored professional hours, 12 hours of BAP sponsored service activities, and 8 additional hours which can be professional or service hours. In addition to BAP sponsored events and activities, we encourage all members to be actively involved in the community.

Members and candidates can log up to 5 hours for professional activities and up to 5 hours for service activities that are not sponsored by BAP. It is important that you keep a record of the activity or event you participated in, who sponsored it, the date, and the number of hours and minutes you participated. Please submit these hours via Canvas to receive credit. 

There is a one time fee of $110 ($65 for National BAP and $45 for our chapter) for any student applying to become a full member. The money is used to pay for your weekly lunches and other events that BAP sponsors. Once you are a full member the renewal fee is $45 and is due every fall semester. Fees are paid at the Cashiers Office. Do not pay your membership fee until you receive an email stating that you have been accepted to become a full member.

We encourage members to continue being active participants in professional and service activities even after graduation, though this may be mean more involvement in career related professional and service activities. Please contact the Secretary/Recorder if you are no longer planning on participating in the Theta Tau Chapter events and activities. Let us know when you graduate, or if you are not planning on actively participating because of other circumstances. We will update our records appropriately.


Professional Accounting Society


All future professional accounting society members are required to complete 10 hours of BAP Professional Hours and 10 hours of BAP Service Hours before becoming an associate member.  You can start accumulating hours when you are enrolled in any 2000 level accounting class.  Professional Accounting Society have some, but not all the benefits of a full member of Beta Alpha Psi. There is a $25 membership fee. Do not pay your membership fee until you receive an email stating that you have been accepted to become a professional accounting society member. 



Service & Professional Hours

Click here to check out your total hours for the year.


Questions about hours: Email VP of Member