Bachelor of Science, Automotive Technology

Program Overview

Weber State University is one of the few select schools in the country whose students are actively recruited by most of the major automobile manufacturers in the world. Our bachelor's degree program in Automotive Technology is unique to the Western United States. Weber State graduates are well known in the automotive industry, our graduates hold sales, marketing, management, and advanced technical positions all over the world.

The Automotive Technology BS Degree is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a wide variety of automotive related industries including field service operations, fleet management, and technical support activities. It will also prepare them to advance in organizations such as:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Aftermarket Management
  • Service/Parts Management, Sales, and Marketing
  • Field Technical Specialist
  • Advanced Vehicle Systems Technical Research and Support
  • Technical Educational Institutions and Industry

To cover the broad range of knowledge and skills that these different organization require, the degree has three different career paths (emphasis areas). 

Click on an emphasis area name in the diagram below for more information.

Automotive Technology graduates will be technically competent and possess strong interpersonal skills. They will have the ability to communicate effectively, be able to solve problems, work in teams, and will have developed an understanding of the need for continued professional development.

The Automotive Technology bachelor's degree is designed as a 2 + 2 program building upon associate degree graduates who have received a degree in automotive service technology, heavy-duty truck technology, collision repair, diesel technology, or similar programs. Students who have completed their associate degree from an accredited college or university in one of these programs will be admitted as juniors and can complete their baccalaureate degree within two years. 

Credits from Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Wyotech, and similar institutions are not college level courses and will transfer to Weber State University as elective courses only; however, challenge examination credit and experiential credit may be available for students with ASE certifications and at least 5 years of industry experience.  Check with your institution to determine if their classes are typically transferrable.  A good determiner of transferrability is to ask your institution of their credits will transfer to your nearest state university.  If they do, they will most likely transfer to Weber State University too.  All transfer classes must have a letter grade assigned to each class or they will not transfer to WSU.


All B.S. degree students have six years to graduate using the requirements in their starting year's catalog.  If longer than six years is required for graduation, a newer catalog must be used to determine the graduation requirements.


Behavioral Expectations

Work ethics and work habits as a student are observed and used by your professor/advisor to make recommendations to potential employers who recruit at Weber State University.  Students who read their syllabi, ask questions when they do not understand an assignment or a concept, are on time to class, turn in home work by the due date, are organized, motivated, etc. also make great employees; these are the students who get the best hiring recommendations from our faculty.

The following are attributes of a successful employee as defined by our National Advisory Committee.  All Automotive Technology students are expected to behave as adults with:

  1. Integrity - Behaves with honor and dignity; does the right thing.
  2. Reliability - Sticks with it to get the job done
  3. Trustworthy and Honest - Holds self and others to highest standards
  4. Passion for Excellence Initiative - Thinks outside the box
  5. Innovation and Technical Excellence - Discovers better ideas and applies expertise
  6. Commitment to Quality - Applies a 6-Sigma mind set
  7. Courage - Fights to turn dreams into realities
  8. Community Commitment - Acts to enhance the community

Successful graduates/employees will also:

  • Be willing to travel as part of job
  • Be willing to relocate as part of job
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Have a good driving record
  • Pass a background check Pass a drug test      



Online Classes Available

Online classes are available for many of the required classes.  See your specific emphasis area requirements for online class availability.   If you are an "online only student", you can receive a reduced tuition rate that is the same tuition rate as in-state tuition regardless of your state or country.  To receive the reduced online student only tuition rate, call 801-626-6600 and ask for the "non-resident online student tuition rate".

The availability of some non-automotive online classes varies by year, semester, and department.  Click here to view the Distance Learning Catalog of available classes for each semester. If you are unable to find the online class listed in the schedule, contact  John Kelly, for an alternate method of obtaining credit for this class.

IMPORTANT: If you live more than 50 miles from WSU, some instructors of general education classes and online support classes may require you to take their exams under the supervision of a proctor at a location close to you (like a public library or other school).  You must setup a proctor in your location by clicking here.

NOTICE: Online classes do not work for everyone.  Online courses have at least one potentially serious drawback; no face-to-face interaction with your professor.  The students who do well in automotive online courses are students who:

  1. have a strong automotive background from their associates degree education and/or work experience.
  2. are computer literate (including: email, typing, Internet navigation, Microsoft Office Professional (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)).
  3. are self-motivated to do their reading, assignments, and quizzes.
  4. are self-disciplined enough to stick with the schedule of assignments and quizzes.
  5. email or contact the instructor when they need help or have a question.
  6. have a high-speed DSL or Cable internet connection; there are many photographs, videos, and graphics that will be viewed in these courses.  



Program Prerequisite

An interview with the B.S. Degree Program Coordinator, John Kelly, is necessary prior to acceptance into the program. Students must provide evidence of completion of an Associate of Applied Science A.A.S. or Associate of Science A.S. degree in automotive service technology or other related degree from an accredited college or university prior to entering upper division curriculum. Credits from Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Wyotech, and similar institutions are not college level courses and will transfer to Weber State University as elective credits only; however, challenge examination credit and experiential credit may be available for students with ASE certifications and at least 5 years of industry experience. Check with your institution to determine if their classes are typically transferrable.



Automotive Technology students should meet/communicate at least once annually with the Automotive Technology B.S. degree program coordinator, John Kelly, for course and program advisement. Call  801-626-7183  for more information or to schedule an appointment.



Not required; however, a minor or double major in Professional Sales is available and highly recommended.


Grade Requirements

A Minimum grade of "C" in courses required for this major in addition to an overall GPA of 2.00 or higher is required for graduation.  Most employers at this level are looking for students who have a minimum GPA of 3.00 or higher.


Credit Hour Requirements

A minimum of 125 to 127 credit hours is required depending upon the emphasis selected and what courses were taken as part of the associate degree. A minimum of 40 upper division credit hours is required (courses numbered 3000 and above)


General Education Requirements

IMPORTANT: Transfer Students and WSU Associates degree students must have credit for the following courses (21 credits) or equivalent or they may be required to obtain them in addition to the general education requirements listed.  All Automotive students are encouraged to take these courses during their A.A.S. degree work.  Contact John Kelly,  801-626-7183  for course and program advisement (including possible substitutions of other general education classes already taken). 

General education classes may be taken at another institution as long as the class is transferrable for credit to Weber State University (WSU).  Contact the WSU transfer office for more information.

  • English EN1010 - Introduction to Writing (3)
  • Math QL1030 or higher - Contemporary Mathematics (3)
  • Physics PS/SI1010 - Elementary Physics (3)
  • Chemistry PS1010 - Introductory Chemistry (3)
  • Sociology SS/DV1020 - Social Problems (3)
  • Communications HU2110 - Interpersonal and Small Group Communications (3)
  • NTM TE1700 - Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (3) or parts TA,TB, and TC of the following exams or classes:
    • NTM TA1501* - Word Processing Competency Exam (0.5)
    • NTM TB1502* - Introduction to Microcomputers, Operating Systems, and Electronic Presentations Competency Exam (0.5)
    • NTM TC1503* - Spreadsheets Competency Exam (0.5)
    • NTM TA1701 - Introduction to word processing (1)
    • NTM TB1702 - Introduction to microcomputers, e-mail, operating systems, and electronic presentations (1)
    • NTM TC1703 - Introduction to spreadsheets (1)

The following courses (19 credit hours) required for the Automotive Technology B.S. major will also fulfill general education requirements (Each course must be from a different department):

General Education Course Number Prefixes:

  • AI = American Institutions
  • CA = Creative Arts
  • DV = Diversity
  • EN = English
  • HU = Humanities
  • LS = Life Science
  • PS = Physical Science
  • QL = Quantitative Literacy
  • SI = Scientific Inquiry
  • TA, TB, TC, TD, TE = Computer Information Literacy


Automotive Technology Core Requirements (23 Credits)

All three emphasis areas available include the following required core curriculum:

  • ATTC 3000 Introduction to Automotive Technology (1)
  • ATTC 3020 Introduction to Safety Management and Hazardous Materials (3)
  • ATTC 3760 Advanced Automotive Technologies (3)
  • ATTC 3880 Cooperative Practicum (3)
  • ATTC SI4720 Capstone Project (2)
  • PS 3563 Principles of Supervision (3)
  • PS 3702 Developing team leadership skills (2) 
  • NTM 3070 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications (1)
  • NTM 3090 Advanced Electronic Presentations (2)
  • NTM 3250 Business Communication (Prerequisite ENGL EN2010) (3)


  1. Any of the automotive service associate of applied science degree programs from WSU or equivalent are appropriate for the first two years of study.
  2. Refer to the current course catalog for course descriptions. 
  3. The curriculum shown on this website is subject to revision and is not an academic contract. Refer to the current course catalog for specific degree requirement for the year you began the B.S. degree program.


Required Reference Materials and Subscriptions 

All Automotive Technology students are required to have subscriptions to the following newspapers and magazines for the duration of the degree work; student discounts are available. More information will be given in the ATTC 3000 Introduction to Automotive Technology class each fall semester. (approximately $150.00 with online access to weekly newspaper)

Click on the logos below for more information.  


Students are also encouraged to join the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE); student discounts are available. (approximately $35.00 with a printed copy of, and online access to, the monthly magazine)

Additional course books will be needed for each individual class. All course books will be available through the WSU bookstore.  Books can be shipped directly to your home.  

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