Online Classes Available

Many, but not all, of the classes required for this degree are available online as well as in face-to-face classes. If you are an "online only student", you can receive a reduced tuition rate that is the same tuition rate as in-state tuition regardless of your state or country.  To receive the reduced online student only tuition rate, call 801-626-6600 and ask for the "non-resident online student tuition rate".

The availability of some non-automotive online classes varies by year, semester, and department.  Click here to view the Distance Learning Catalog of available classes for each semester. If you are unable to find the online class listed in the schedule, contact John Kelly, for an alternate method of obtaining credit for this class.

IMPORTANT:If you live more than 50 miles from WSU, some instructors of generaleducation classes and online support classes may require you to taketheir exams under the supervision of a proctor at a location close toyou (like a public library or other school).  You must setup a proctorin your location by clicking here.

NOTICE: Online classes do not work for everyone.  Online courses have at least one potentially serious drawback; no face-to-face interaction with your professor.  The students who do well in automotive online courses are students who:

  • have a strong automotive background from their associates degree education and/or work experience.
  • are computer literate (including: email, typing, Internet navigation, Microsoft Office Professional (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)).
  • are self-motivated to do their reading, assignments, and quizzes.
  • are self-disciplined enough to stick with the schedule of assignments and quizzes.
  • email or the instructor when they need help or have a question.
  • have a high-speed DSL or Cable internet connection; there are many photographs, videos, and graphics that will be viewed in these courses.


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