Double Major in Field Service Operations and Advanced Vehicle Systems

The Automotive Technology Department is proud to offer a Double Major in Field Service Operations and Advanced Vehicle Systems.

The classes listed below satisfy the requirements of a Double Major.  Most of the classes listed are only available in face-to-face classes.  A few classes are available online.

Double Major Requirements (19 Additional Credits):

Complete all the Field Service Operations B.S. Degree Requirements
  • ATTC 3260 Advanced Electrical Systems (3 Credits)
  • ATTC 4560 Advanced Propulsion Systems (3 Credits)
  • ATTC 4760 Alternate Fuel Systems (3 Credits)
  • ATTC 4860 Automotive Standards, Laws, and Regulations. (3 Credits)*
  • ENGL 3100 Technical Writing (3 Credits)*
  • MFET SI2410 Quality Concepts and Statistical Applications (3 Credits)
  • NTM 2080 Database Applications (1 Credit)*
*Available Online

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