TE-218 Automatic Transmission and Manual Drivetrain Labs

The TE-218 East and South shop spaces contain the Automatic Transmission (ASE A2) and Manual Drivetrain (ASE A3) Lab areas. The space includes room for 3 vehicles on hoists, a large work area, and 8 shop computers for electronic service information access.

 A large work area with web-based multi-media training, proper general tool usage, factory special service tool usage, and fluid containment workbenches helps facilitate a clean, organized, and accurate approach to transmission diagnosis, overhaul, and repair.


A Clayton in-ground chassis dynamometer is used for in-vehicle transmission diagnosis, engine performance classes, as well as advanced transmission and capstone research projects for our BS degree program.


An Axiline Automatic Transmission dynamometer is used for post-overhaul operational testing.  Most transmissions overhauled by students in lab are tested using this dynamometer.