TE-217 Brakes, Steering and Suspension Labs

The TE-217 shop is the location of the Brakes (ASE A5) and Steering and Suspension (ASE A4) Labs.  This area used by the all of our automotive programs as well as periodically by the Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, and ACDelco Training organizations. The shop includes room for 9 vehicles, a large work area, three 4-wheel alignment racks, a tire machine, a wheel balancer, 3 Brake Lathes, 5 shop computers, a classroom, and our main tool room.

Five vehicle hoists support various automotive lab topics including Brakes and Steering and Suspension.

TE-217 includes a steering and suspension lab area with three alignment racks and late model alignment equipment.

The TE-217C classroom is adjacent to the Shop Areas shown above and has multimedia equipment with wireless Internet access.