TE-215E General Motors Training Center

The General Motors Service Technical College at Weber State University is a satellite training location for the Los Angeles Region. General Motors dealership technicians attend here for new product and hands-on technical training. Classes are typically one to three days in length and run from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The training center is in operation 3/4-time and is staffed locally.  


A parking permit is required to park at WSU for training. Parking permits for the A2 parking lot are obtained at the information booth located in front of WSU between the two turnabouts. See the WSU map (We are 22 TE on the map) for our location, the parking lot location, and the location of the information booth (13 IN on the map). Do not park in the A3 parking lot or your vehicle will be ticketed.


The General Motors Training Center is located on the southeast side of the auto service shops A3 parking lot in room 215E.