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Honda PACT Training

Honda PACT Training

Honda Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) Training

What is PACT Training?

The WSU Automotive Department has partnered with American Honda Motor Sales, U.S.A. to allow students in our B.S. Degree programs to receive training from Honda's Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) Program and Honda's Fixed Operations Training.  

"Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) is American Honda’s program specifically designed to help individuals build their automotive career within a Honda or Acura dealership. PACT is a team effort involving American Honda, Honda & Acura dealers, and select schools across the country"

The PACT curriculum includes Honda Alternate Fueled Vehicle training, Hybrid-Electric Vehicle training and other selected advanced technical topics. 

The Fixed Operations Training curriculum includes the Honda Philosophy, Dealership Service Management, Parts Management, Service Advisor, and Sales training.  

This training agreement is a benefit to all of our upper division students.  Additionally, this training will better prepare our graduates for a career with a Honda dealership or a corporate position with American Honda Motor Sales, U.S.A.


Enrollment Requirements

To request access to the optional web-based Honda PACT and Honda MAP Service Management Training, you must:

  1. Be enrolled as a current WSU student with a declared major of B.S. Automotive Technology (3 degree options available)
  2. Have registered for the ATTC 3000 class or above (available online)
  3. Complete a Honda DPTS MAP application
  4. Email the application to PACT Coordinator John Kelly
  5. Wait for your access information to be emailed to you.  This process can take several weeks.
  6. Honda MAP face-to-face Training Center class content is integrated into the following WSU Automotive Technology B.S. Degree Classes:
    1. ATTC 3000 Introduction to Automotive Technology (1) (Prerequisite: A.A.S. or A.S. degree)
    2. ATTC 3020 Introduction to Safety Management and Hazardous Materials (3) (Prerequisite: ATTC 3000) 
    3. ATTC 3620 Automotive Business Practices (3) (Prerequisite: ATTC 3000)
    4. ATTC 3760 Advanced Automotive Technologies (3) (Prerequisite: ATTC 3000)
    5. ATTC 4560 Advanced Propulsion Systems (3) (Prerequisite: ATTC 3760)
    6. ATTC 4760 Alternate Fuel Systems (3) (Prerequisite: ATTC 4560)
    7. SST 1143 Fundamental Selling Techniques (3)
    8. SST 3103 Sales Personalities and Profiles (3) (Prerequisite SST 1143)
    9. SST 3203 Customer Service Techniques (3)
    10. SST 3363 Contract and Sales Negotiation Techniques (3)

How to Access the Web-Based training

As of December 15, 2013, there are 32 required Self Study Modules to complete for Honda's Service Manager training.  Additionally, there are 13 other Honda Advanced Technology self-study modules required for the PACT program completion.
  1. Using only Microsoft Internet Explorer, navigate to
  2. Read all security warnings and plug-in notifications.  
  3. Install all required web browser plug-ins and adjust all security setting per instructions.
  4. Using your provided Username and Password, login to the Honda Interactive Network.
  5. Select "Online University" From the Menu (See Below).


6. Select "Training Required" from the "My Training" Menu Item (See Below).

7. Select "Srv Manager" from the list (See Below).

8. Select both the Complete and incomplete Status boxes and then select the Search Button (See Below).

9. A list of Self Study web-based training modules is displayed.  Select a Self Study module to complete by clicking the mouse on the Self Study link in the list (See Below).

10. Complete the Self Study, it may be several hours long.  You will need to take notes, there is a test at the end of each module that you must pass to receive credit for the Self Study Module.  

11. Select another Self Study Module and continue working on completing the list.

Bachelor Degree
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