Embedded Courses for General Motors ASEP Students at Weber State University

The following GM Service Technical College courses are embedded in the WSU Curriculum
Number Course Description
10041.00W  SI Overview 
16048.15W  Tech 2 Familiarization 
18043.01W  Electrical/Electronics Stage 1 
18043.02W  Electrical/Electronics Stage 2 
18043.03W  Electrical/Electronics Stage 3 
ASE Area A1  Engine Repair 
16043.50W  Engine Mechanical Diagnosis & Measurement 
16043.50D  Engine Mechanical Diagnosis & Measurement 
16440.10D  Engines: New and Updates 
16043.50H  Engine Mechanical Diagnosis & Measurement 
ASE Area A2  Automatic Transmission 
17041.20W-R2  Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Diagnostics 
17041.20D1  Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Diagnostics 
17041.20D2  Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Diagnostics 
17041.20H  Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Diagnostics 
17041.26W  4T40-E Automatic Transaxle 
17041.27W  4L60-E Automatic Transmission 
17041.29W  4L80-E Automatic Transmission 
17041.30W  4T80-E Automatic Transaxle 
17041.32W  4T65-E Automatic Transaxle 
17340.10V  Allison LCT 1000 Automatic Transmission 1 
17340.11V  Allison LCT 1000 Automatic Transmission 2 
17340.12D  Allison Automatic Trans Diagnostic Issues 
17340.13D  Allison Automatic Trans Diagnostic Close-up 
ASE Area A3  Manual Drivetrain 
17043.10W  NV3500 Manual Transmission 
17043.20W  NV4500 Manual Transmission
13042.10W-R2  Vibration Correction 
13042.10D1  Vibration Correction – Part 1 
13042.10D2  Vibration Correction – Part 2 
13042.10H  Vibration Correction 
14041.10W-R2  Rear Axle & Propeller Shaft 
14041.10D1  Rear Axle & Propeller Shaft 
14041.10D2  Rear Axle & Propeller Shaft 
14041.10H  Rear Axle & Propeller Shaft 
14043.1W  Four Wheel Drive Systems 
17043.20V  ZF 6 Speed Manual Transmission 
ASE Area A4  Suspension & Steering 
13041.10W  Steering Service 
13044.10W  Electronic Suspension Systems 
13044.10S  Electronic Suspension Systems 
13044.10H  Electronic Suspension Systems 
13041.20D  Rear Wheel Steering (Quadrasteer) 
ASE Area A5  Brakes 
15045.10W-R2  Foundation Brakes/ABS System Service 
15045.10S  Foundation Brakes/ABS System Service 
15045.10D1  Foundation Brakes/ABS System Service Part 1
15045.10D2  Foundation Brakes/ABS System Service Part 2
15045.10H  Foundation Brakes/ABS System Service 
15045.20W  Bosch Series 5 ABS/TCS 
15045.30W  4WAL ABS 
15045.40W  Delphi Chassis Series VI and DBC 7 ABS/TCS 
ASE Area A6  Electrical Systems 
16041.01W  Battery, Charging, & Starting 
18044.16W  Body Control Systems 
18044.16D1  Body Control Systems Part 1 
18044.16D2  Body Control Systems Part 2 
18044.16H  Body Control Systems 
22048.30W  GM Supplemental Restraint System 
22048.30H  GM Supplemental Restraint System 
19047.06W-R2  Security Systems 
19047.03W1  Entertainment Systems 
19047.03W2  Entertainment Systems 
19047.03W3  Entertainment Systems 
19047.03S  Entertainment Systems 
19047.03H  Entertainment Systems 
19040.30D1  OnStar Systems Diagnosis and Repair 
19040.30D2  OnStar Systems Diagnosis and Repair 
10347.01V  Hummer H2 New Model Features 
10347.02V  Hummer H2 New Model Features 
ASE Area A7  Heating & Air Conditioning 
11045.05V  ACR 2000 Familiarization 
11044.00W-R2  Introduction to Air Conditioning 
11044.00D1  Introduction to Air Conditioning Part 1 
11044.00D2  Introduction to Air Conditioning Part 2 
11045.10W  Advanced HVAC Systems Diagnostics 
11045.10H  Advanced HVAC Systems Diagnostics 
ASE Area A8  Engine Performance 
16040.02W-R2  OBD II 
16044.11W1  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 1 
16044.11W2  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 2 
16044.11W3  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 3 
16044.11D1  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 1 
16044.11D2  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 2 
16044.11D3  GM Powertrain Performance - Part 3 
16044.11H  GM Powertrain Performance 
16042.10H  Enhanced Vehicle Emissions Testing and Diag. 
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