Athletic Training Curriculum

Athletic Training Major



General Education

Refer to Degree and General Education Requirements for Bachelor of Science requirements.


Major Course Requirements for BS Degree

Required Support Courses (17 credit hours)


*ZOOL 2100 (Human Anatomy) (4) and ZOOL 2200 (Human Physiology) (4) will also be accepted in place of HTHS 1110 and HTHS 1111.

Professional Knowledge Courses Required (18 credit hours)

Athletic Training Major Courses Required (35 credit hours)

Clinical Application Courses Required (17 credit hours)

Optional Electives


Athletic Training


Departmental Honors offers distinction to the best students in the major. This program recognizes accomplishments in the following four areas: scholarship, service, leadership, and professionalism.

Departmental Honors Requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5;

  • Complete all Athletic Training BS program requirements;

  • Register for 3 credits of AT 4800: Independent Projects, and complete a Senior Capstone Project with a

    grade of A- or above;

  • Hold a leadership position within a WSU Undergraduate Athletic Training Student Organization

    (UGATSO) or another WSU Club & Organization approved by the AT Honors Advisor Organization or within an external Athletic Training Student Organization (e.g., UGATSO officer, UATA student representative)

  • Complete AT Clinical Application Courses (AT 1501, AT 3500, AT 3501, AT 4500, AT 4501) with a grade of A- or better; these courses have CEL designation and require students to engage in service on campus and within the community;

  • Complete one of the following:

    • Present at an Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Conference; (The conference must be pre-approved

      by AT Honors Advisor);


    • Attend at least two professional Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Conferences and write a one page summary of each including a description of the sessions attended and a description of learning: (Conferences include UATA, RMATA, NATA, Big Sky among others. Attendance must be pre- approved by the AT Honors Advisor);


  •              Secure external grant funding from a professional organization.

Applying for Departmental Honors:


  • Contact Dr. Matthew Donahue, the Athletic Training Honors Advisor, who will review and sign your application; 
  • Submit the signed application to Marilyn Diamond, the Honors Program Advisor;
  • You must be admitted into Departmental Honors for at least one semester before graduating; (You will receive a letter confirming your acceptance in the program);
  • Meet the requirements listed above;
  • Visit with Dr. Matthew Donahue early in the semester of anticipated graduation so as to complete the Departmental Honors Exit Application. Athletic Training advises that you complete and submit the Departmental Honors contract within the first 2 weeks of your Junior or Senior academic year; (this form is found on the Honors Website –
  • Submit the signed form to Marilyn Diamond, the Honors Program Advisor, who will clear you for your graduation with Departmental Honors.

Please note:

The exit application must be submitted prior to fall break for fall graduation and prior to spring break for spring graduation;

You must still apply for graduation through the graduation office.

Recognition Through Departmental Honors:

  • Your transcript and degree diploma will be printed with the distinction, “Departmental Honors in Athletic Training”;
  • You will receive an invitation to all Honors Program social and educational events;
  • You will receive an invitation to the Honors Nye Banquet when you graduate.

For more information, please contact:

  • Matthew Donahue Assistant Professor of Athletic Training 801-626-7389;
  • Heather Chapman Director of Departmental Honors 801-626-7591; Library, Honors Program 

Please contact the Athletic Training Program Director (Dr. Matthew Donahue) for advisement and permission prior to enrolling in Honors courses.

Students who have not completed their General Education requirements are strongly encouraged to fulfill them with Honors General Education courses.


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