PEP 4890 - Cooperative Work Experience Course

All Athletic Therapy majors need to take a minimum of 3 credits of PEP 4890 - Cooperative Work Experience.  Students can take up to 6 credits of this class and it can be repeated.  Not all credits have to be completed in the same semester.  For example, a student could take 1 credit in the fall at one internship site and then retake the course in spring for 2 credits at a different internship site.

If you would like to take PEP 4890, please follow the steps below:

1.  Determine how many credits you are going to take that semester.  Students must complete 60 internship hours for each credit hour.  Please also check with your advisor, Sherrie Jensen (, to be sure that you will have enough upper division hours to graduate (40 minimum).

2.  Locate a site to do your internship.  If you need help finding an internship site, please contact the Athletic Therapy Program Director, Dr. Valerie Herzog, at and/or review the list of clinical sites that have taken Athletic Therapy interns in the past.  Download list of internship sites.

3.  Download the Internship Manual.

4.  Print the last page of the Internship Manual, which is the contract.  Complete the contract, sign it, have your internship supervisor (the PT, OT, PA, MD, etc. who will be supervising you on your internship) sign it, and then set up a meeting with the Athletic Therapy Program Director, Dr. Valerie Herzog -

5.  After you have submitted your contract, Dr. Herzog will submit an override to allow you to register for the course and will review the syllabus/course requirements/deadlines with you.

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