Departmental Honors in Athletic Therapy

Departmental Honors offers distinction to the best students in a major.  The goal of this program is to recognize accomplishments in three primary areas: scholarship, leadership, and professionalism.

Departmental Honors Requirements:

  1. Earn a departmental GPA of 3.75 or above;
  2. Demonstrate evidence of excellence through the completion of an honors project within an upper division AT course or PEP 4890, as defined and approved by the course instructor and Athletic Therapy Program Director and as agreed upon by the student. The assigned project(s) MUST not be part of the required elements of the course, but may take many forms including:
    • complete a research project, which includes completion of an IRB;      
    • write a case report; OR     
    • complete a literature or systematic review evidence-based medicine paper.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    • Present a research project at a local, state, or national forum (e.g., Weber State University Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration; Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters).
    • Submit scholarly work  based on a research project for public/professional dissemination (e.g., professional journal, Weber State University Ergo).
  4. Participate in the Honors Nye Banquet poster presentation when you graduate.

Applying for Departmental Honors:

  1. Complete the Departmental Honors Application;
    (This form is found on WSU Honors Webpage-
  2. Contact Professor Valerie Herzog (, the Departmental Honors Advisor, who will review and sign your application; 
  3. Submit the signed application to Marilyn Diamond, the Honors Program Advisor;
  4. You must be admitted into Departmental Honors for at least one semester before graduating;
    (You will receive a letter confirming your acceptance in the program.)
  5. Meet the requirements listed above;
  6. Visit with Professor Herzog early in the semester of anticipated graduation so as to complete the Departmental Honors Exit Application;
    (This form is found on the Honors Webpage-
  7. Submit the signed exit form to Marilyn Diamond, the Honors Program Advisor, who will clear you for graduation with Departmental Honors.

Please note:

    • The exit application must be submitted prior to fall break for fall graduation and prior to spring break for spring graduation;
    • You must still apply for graduation through the graduation office (via the eWeber portal).

Recognition Through Departmental Honors:

  1. Your transcript and degree diploma will be printed with the distinction, “Departmental Honors in Athletic Therapy”;
  2. You will be invited to all Honors Program social and educational events;
  3. You will receive an invitation to the Honors Nye Banquet after you have submitted the exit application.


Revised July 2016