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(Updated May, 2012)

The purpose of program review within Academic Affairs at Weber State University is to improve the quality of the student's education. WSU faculty and administrators have a significant role in reviewing existing degree programs, and have designed a program review process and standards which are further described in the documents located in this section.

Program Review Process  
  1. Purpose of Program Review
  2. Cycle of Programs to be Reviewed
  3. Individuals Involved in Program Review
  1. Semester Sequence of Program Review Activities
  2. Historical List of Program Review Recommendations by Year
Program Review Self-Study Format and Standards
  1. Purpose of Self-Study Document
  2. Self-study Format
  3. Appendices
  4. Program Review Self-Study Template (updated Oct 2011)
  5. Program Review Self-Study Evaluation Rubric

Program Review Written Reports
  1. Program Review Evaluation Team Report Guidelines
  2. Program Faculty Response Report Guidelines
  1. Dean's Response Guidelines
Supplemental Materials
  1. Supplemental Materials