Pool Rental

Pool Rentals & Parties

The Swenson Pool can be reserved for classes, special events, parties for university functions and community events.  All groups will be responsible for facility rental fees and lifeguard fees.
  1. Fill out the pool request form
  2. Meet with the Building Manager and the Aquatics and Safety Coordinator to solidify event details and get any other information.
  3. Fill out the Facility Request Form and bring it with to the meeting.
  4. The Building Manager will contact you to confirm or deny your request.

Lifeguard Request Form

  1. Groups will be billed based on the number of participants listed on the form.
    • If a group underestimates the number of participants the group is responsible to hold the participation to the appropriate number in the pool.  Lifeguards are allowed to clear the pool if the proper number of participants is not maintained.
    • If a group over estimates participation, the group will still be billed based on the estimated number of participants that was listed on the Lifeguard Request Form.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Groups must contact the building manager 24 hours (one business day) before their scheduled activity to not be charged for lifeguards.
    • The Building manager will call the pool and the aquatics  manager as soon as a cancelation is received.

Groups over 100

  1. A group that is larger than 100 need to have a responsible person present to ensure participation in the pool does not go over 100 swimmers.
    • If group has more than 100 swimmers in the pool the lifeguard will clear the pool.

Special Groups

  1. Academic class (class offered through the university with the instructor present) can come in during Recreation Swim time with a 48 hour notice.  The 48 hour notice will be to notify patrons.
  2. Small Groups (6 or less) may come in during Recreational swim time and must abide by rules (example: must lap swim during lap swim times)
    • Any group with more than 6 participants is considered a large group and will be asked by lifeguard to keep the number of participants in the pool to 6 or they will be asked to leave and schedule a special event with the building manager.